Potty Training 2 yr old boy

Raneisha - posted on 02/10/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ive been really trying hard to get my son potty trained he has the concept, he sit, wipes and getup but doesnt got, I think he to impatient to wait to go he'll wash after but im like you didnt go! Any Advice on potty training???


Louise - posted on 02/10/2011




Are you sure he is really ready to be potty trained? Boys take longer than girls to train and they find the entire concept difficult to grasp. The earliest a toddler can 100% know the sensation to pee is 2. May be he needs a little longer. My daughter is 2 year 3 months and she has toilet trained herself basically. She started by telling me she was dirty and not wanting to be in a smelly nappy. I placed her in pants on Monday and she had 2 accidents within 2 hours of a wee and ever since she has gone to the toilet no problem. Toddlers have to learn the sensation of wanting to wee and the act of weeing to be able to be toilet trained. I did spend the first day putting her on the toilet every 45 minutes and the second day i let her do her own thing and she asked me for a wee wee which I rewarded her with a sticker. We are now on day 4 and she is 100% there no accidents (I am sure there will be some) but for now she has wanted to be clean, she wants to wear big girl pants and things have happend very fast. All I can say is if your son is ready he will want to do this if he is not then there is no point in trying you and him will only get frustrated.


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Krissy - posted on 02/11/2011




thought of just skipping the sitting and trying to teach him standing? My son used to like "sinking" cheerios.

But, on the other hand... my daughter whom just PT about 7 months ago... she is almost three, and was about 2 1/3 before success happened regularly enough to do it.

We just read potty books, talked about it, let her see us do it, etc...

One success lead to another, and then she refused again and I dropped it and within a month or two she started doing it herself again.... and viola success!

oh, and success means trying again and again and again and again...and trying to catch them before they wet....

if they REALLY don't seem to be getting it... perhaps a warm weekend just plop him in underwear and rubber pants... he can feel himself go... have several pairs ready and lots of floor cleaner... LOL!

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