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Mary - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




We've been potty training our daughter since around Christmas and the problem that we are having is when we leave the training pants off she will run to her potty, but as soon as we put them back on she won't even go to the potty. Does anyone have a little tip on how to get her to go to the potty with her pants on.


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L - posted on 06/10/2009




Quoting Mary:

She is 2 years and about 3 months old. I will try it and see what it does

It sounds like she definitely knows when she needs to go (ie: runs to her potty with pants off), but that when she has pants on, she's more comfortable just letting it happen in the pants. The video I sent you really focuses on how going potty on the potty is for big kids. That message got to our daughter and she really wanted to prove she was a big kid. They put that message in through song, story telling and just saying it to the screen. It's creative and it worked for us (she was about the same age your daughter when we really started trying to potty train).

I'd also have to ask her about every 2 hours "do you need to go potty?" It helped remind her to think about it...and if she said "no" I'd remind her "well, you know when you're a big kid, you'll go peepee in the potty." and more times than not, she'd change her mind and say "oh - I have to go peepee in the potty because I'm a big kid"

Oh, and in our case, we also did give her a treat for going in the potty. She'd get gum. She learned to chew gum pretty early, so I don't nec. recommend it if your daughter doesn't chew gum yet. But because it was sugar-free and sweet, and because she really wanted to learn to chew gum early, it worked great for us to reward her with it.

Good luck :)

L - posted on 06/09/2009




Hi Mary - how old is your daughter? We were recommended the video: Potty Power.

On Amazon it's called: Potty Power - For Boys & Girls. It did WONDERS for our daughter. She is 2.5 and is fully potty trained. We hit a road block with her until our friend gave us that video. Changed everything. Good luck!

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