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Nicole - posted on 06/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My almost 2 year old son seems ready to start potty training. He's always pulling on his diaper, he knows where the bathroom and toilet are and what it is. So, first question is how do yoknow for sure when they're ready? Second, what would be the best way to train him or even just some useful tidbits?


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My son was very eager to start potty training before he was 2; however, his care provider and I decided it would be best to wait until he was 2 to begin. When we then starting encouraging the behaivor, he stopped. My suggestion is that if your son shows any interest in potty trainning, latch on to that and encourage it. My son is now 2 1/2 and has started cooperating with the potty training. I only wish we had started when he first started showing an interest (pulling at his diaper, acknowledging what the bathroom and toilet are and are used for, etc.). Just remember... Do not punish him if he doesn't go or has accidents and encourage and praise him the other times. We also purchased a book that my son loves!

Steph - posted on 06/11/2009




Get him to water the plants!
underpants, socks, wellies and a watering can. when he wee's it will go into his wellies. it will make him aware of being wet. It worked a treat with my daughter, and my best friends children ( who were boys), we started this week with our 2yr old little boy, but he's stubborn! good luck!

Maria - posted on 06/11/2009




I read that if they are dry after the midday nap, then that shows good bladder control and is a sign they are ready. A good thing is to take him to the bathroom every time you visit and explain what is happening. I used feel n learn from pampers and once my daughter leant what it was it was like to be wet, she didn't ever want to be wet again! pooing was a little more difficult but we got there in the end. Best thing is to praise lots for good things and not to worry about the bad. My strongest recommendation is to only do it when you and your child is ready or it will be a disaster! Good Luck.

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