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Teresa - posted on 07/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




very soon i will be starting to potty train my son and am starting to potty train my boyfriends son which is almost 3.. what is easiest way to do this.. the older boy will pee in potty but not #2.. any ideas... already try treats for going potty


Randi - posted on 07/19/2009




I got my son naked for 2 days and would set the cooking timer for every 20 min. He would hold it until he was about to explode but eventually started to pee every time. He wouldn't however go poop but wouldn't let me put a diaper on him so he could go in there. He really wanted to be a big boy and protested to the diaper. He held his poop for over two day's and I eventually had to get some pedia lax suppositories. After putting him through that twice he decided he was better off going on his own on the potty. He didn't want me to stick that thing up his butt anymore. That all happen at 26 months and he is now 3 1/2 and we have only had three accidents total. He still wears pull ups at night though and is 50/50 on the night time training. Good luck, every child is different and is ready at there own time. I still think I just got really lucky with him and this baby due next month is going to be a challenge with everything!!


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Kellie - posted on 07/21/2009




I potty trained my sons in 4 days- my oldest was 2 and my youngest was just this year he was 22 months old. this is how- His favorite candy peanut butter cups- Day 1 take diaper off let him run aroung WITH underwear on NO PULLUPS they still do the same thing as a diaper; not even at night put something over the matress and do everything the same because in underwear they fill the pee and the poop and don't like it at all and within a few mistakes he will tell you when he feels the urge to go. Every 30 minutes to hour sit him on the potty for a few minutes and make a VERY big deal if he does something in the potty. Clap sing shout whatever to make him think he done something good. Day 2 offer a peice of candy EVERY TIME he uses his potty and tell him when you sit him down you get a treat if you pee pee. Day 3 make a trip away from the house. put loose cloths on him and take extra with you just in case. and don't forget the treat. Keep going and doing the same thing. Stick to same routine. Don't get mad if he has a mistake they will happen every now and then. But by day 4 he knows he gets a tasty treat for going to the potty. Keep the treat going for a week then taper off a little at a time. Trust me this is what I done with both of my children and it works!!! Good Luck.

Bree - posted on 07/21/2009




I potty trained my son just before he turned two. I found it easy as it was when we had that heat wave week of 40 degrees. I just let him run around outside without a nappy, i had a potty inside and one outside. When ever he did a wee he,didnt like it running down his leg, so i would put him on the potty and say thats where you do wees. By the 3rd day he realised that it felt better to do it on the potty. We had a few mistakes for the first few weeks after, but within the month he was fully potty trained. Numba twos were going good till he got constipated then he was really scared for about 3 weeks, i just used a bit of coloxal to make it a bit softer and eventually he came good. I recomend lots of clapping and praise when he does it but dont get angry when he doesnt, just tell him nxt time he will do it and dont make a big deal of it. He still wears a night nappy and im in no hurry to change that just yet. Goodluck, they r pretty smart you will be surprised how quickly he will pick it up.

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