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Lora - posted on 03/22/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter is one. she is very mobile and says and understands "pee pee". she frequently wakes up from naps with a dry diaper and can acurately tell me if she needs changed. i would like to start potty training her, but am not sure how to start. any advice?


Louise - posted on 03/23/2010




I am a mum of three and I advise not to bother with a potty. I bought a seat that sits in the toilet and a step. My children were used to seeing mum go to the toilet (out shopping no choice lol) Buy plenty of normal pants (pull up pants keeps them comfortable and dry not wet and uncomfortable to encourage them to use the toilet) Remember that a child knows that he/she is going to poo and can control this before they learn to control wee. If your child is showing signs of not liking being in a dirty nappy then you are half way there. It takes three days at home no interuptions to train a child that is ready. I have never regreted training my children to use a toilet and not a potty as I did not have to retrain them to use a toliet and confuse them. I think they did it quicker as children like to act like grown ups. For the first day take your child to the toilet regularly and praise if you have success. Just ignore the accidents and just say oh dear next time we will use the toilet like a big girl. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Go buy a little potty and take her diaper off and have her sit on the potty and say pee pee in the potty. I would recommend buying her some underwear if you have hardwood floors and start like that. Buy a couple packets of underwear and if you have about three days to devote to this, put the underwear on her and explain we go pee pee in the potty. At first, put her on the potty often and tell her you want her to put the pee in the potty. She will most likely pee in the underwear and get the floor and herself wet. This is ok, because she needs to associate the feeling with going and being wet. When she pees on the floor and gets wet, that is the perfect time to explain again, that we want to put what went all over the floor in the potty, so the next time we need to sit on the potty. Show her by doing it yourself. She will slowly get the idea that when she gets this sensation, that she needs to sit on the potty. I may take a little bit. We rewarded our daughters with stickers and doing the potty dance, which they make up and we mimick with them. Unfortunately, diapers do a very good job of masking what happens to the pee, so I think baby's don't appreciate the feeling of having to go pee, before peeing in the diapers. Put her on the potty often and continue to explain to her that she needs to get the pee pee in the potty and not on the floor. Don't ever tell her she is bad during this time, you want lots of positive reinforcement. If after the first 10 times she is still not getting it to some extent, you might want to just try again in a few months. There is such an unnecessary push to get kids potty trained, especially if its your first, but I assure you they will be potty trained. I consider my oldest to be significantly smart for her age and she just decided at 33 months it was time. One week later she was dry at night too. She has had only one night accident since July. I really did not potty train her per se, I just let her find her way and tell me when she was ready. I like the laid back approach myself, but everyone is different. My youngest is 21 months and we started introducing the potty a little ,here and there and let her sit on it when she wants to, cause she sees her older sister, but I am not worried in the least. It will definitely happen eventually. Eitherway, good luck to you!!


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For those of you interested, I just created a new community on Circle of Moms called 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen for those of us that have used/are using/plan on using this method for potty training. I was reading that there were some ladies wishing there was a forum for asking questions, etc. and I thought it would be helpful to create a community just for this purpose. Hope you will all join!

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Hey Guys, I just wanted to give you 3 an update... Potty Training is going very well! Kaylyn knows what the potty is for and actually seems very proud of herself for a job well done. And she even came to me today while she was playing and told me that she needed to go! And she did! Thanks for all of your tips.

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I have just started a potty training thread at the top of the page - please check it out!

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