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Bridgett - posted on 08/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok so my son just turned 3 and I am really wanting to get him potty trained he is just so stuborn I really don't know what else to do I have done the cheerios in the potty taking him outside going in a bottle wearing underwear and I am just going crazy he wears pull ups and can tell me when he is wet and dirty but he just wont go in the potty he will sit on it for a long time but just wont go in it so what else is there that I can do can some one please give me some kind of advise....


Milda - posted on 08/14/2010




hi, my boy just turn 3. I tryed to potty train him since he was 2. He did'nt want to sit on a poty for a long time, no mather how many potys we have bought he refused everything. But one fine day after bath just before bed time hes dad let him run naked. We always kept poty in livingroom, just in case maybe miracles can happend and he would consider that. So that night he run around for about 10 min and then went on a poty without telling him to do that. After that night i let him run around without any napy or underwear. He start to go on potty just like that. It was 6 months ago, since that time he had only two accidents. So I think every child have his own time for that:)

Laura - posted on 08/14/2010




hi my boy is 2 and is dry thru day if were in the house..i bought him a great expensive potty but he wasnt intrested so i bought a normal plain potty and put it next to the toilet and eveytime i went for a wee i told him he could wee as well...sounds silly but i wud make a joke out of the sound of wee hitting the toliet and he was eager to do the same fing so i would laugh to..and eventenly we took the potty down stairs and he just uses everytime he needs to wee ad poo now..he gets lots of praise when he does...but if potty dont work you could try skipping the potty and going stright for the toliet..as he as seen u use it and would be eager to show that hes a big boy to...i have a step in my bathroom now so my lil man uses the toliet if were up stairs..good luck with the potty training its a difficult one to master..im still trying to work out a way to try nights and when we go out xxx


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