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Cassandra - posted on 03/02/2011




I was dreading potty training my daughter who is 29 months old but one morning i just got up and decided today is the day (this was just last month) so she woke up i took her diaper off and told her to go pee in the toilet i bought her a toilet seat i also bought her a potty but she wont use it. I set my cell phone timer for 15 minutes everytime my phone went off i took her to the bathroom and i let her know what the timer was for so when it went off she knew it was time to potty i waiting until she went pee she pee's alot because she drinks gatorade all day everyday so she literally pee's every 15 mintues anyway she had 6 accidents by afternoon two of them were my fault the timer went off but i was washing dishes so i didnt take her so she pee'd i was getting frustrated because she wouldnt tell me when she had to pee she would just pee i told her she needed to tell me when she pee'd by 7pm that night she was telling me she had to pee so the timer worked you just have to be consistant and patient that night she didnt wet the bed but the next night she did so i just set a timer at night after she falls asleep i wake her up three hours later to pee she'll go pee and go right back to bed and in the morning whe she wakes up i take her to the bathroom to go pee everything was a success and we never had a pooping accident :)

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I read that when your child poops, you dump it in the toilet to show your child where it goes. We let our son flush it and he gets a kick out of saying bye bye to it. I know it sounds weird but it kind of works

Louise - posted on 03/01/2011




Really make sure they are ready because you are just wasting your time if they can not grasp the idea of using the toilet or even able to ask to go to the toilet. 21 months is very young, not impossible but a lot of hard work and stress on your part and your childs. I am toilet training my daughter who is 27 months and that is hard enough. Three weeks of 100% success then back to pooping and peeing on the floor why nobody knows. I am hoping this is just a glitch. I would try a three day trial and if your child is improving and is using the potty/toilet then stick to it if not then leave it a month or two and try again.

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