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my dad, has suggested that start potty training with my 15 month old, so that i don't have to deal with changing two babies, is 15 months too early to start potty training my daughter?????


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Yes! Medical experts say that a child does not get the sensation that they are going to poop until around the age of 2 and that bladder control comes slightly later. 15 months is far to young and will be nearly impossible and very stressful for you and your daughter. You need to follow your daughters lead by waiting for signs of wanting to be toilet trained like showing interest in using the toilet, long periods of time with a dry nappy, going somewhere quiet and away from you to poop and not wanting to be in a dirty nappy. Also your child needs to be abel to tell you they want a wee. I doubt at 15 months she can say wee wee mummy.

There are some people out there that will say yes it can be done but beleive me it will take you twice as long because your child can only do what her body will let her do.

For her sake and yours wait until she is ready to have a stress free potty training time.


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I started my son before he was even a year old. He was very curious about the potty and wanted to sit on it so I let him. He is 2 1/2 years old now and fully potty trained. I never forced it on him, just let him do it at his own pace and rewarded him with lots of smiles, high fives, and clapping.

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Yes and no. I'm assuming that you are using pull-ups or just regular diapers. Well, here's a suggestion. Go down to your local cloth diaper supply store. Talk to the person who runs it. Most likely it will be a Mom, whose potty trained her kids at 12 months. You have to have an advocate in this area if you are planning to potty train this early. She will most likely give you some great tips and show you some great potty training diapers and toilets designed for smaller ones. Hope this helps. (We have a great local cloth diaper service. Even though I didn't use cloth diapers, when it comes to training them, it's the best. Our store owner trained her first two by the time they were 13 months.)

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