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Marcia - posted on 10/30/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a two year old girl and I am trying to potty train her.. She uses the Potty only when she wants to.. she has her good days and her bad days.. How can I keep her form regressing.


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Laney - posted on 10/30/2008




Having a reward system helped with my kids. We got a small gumball machine and they were allowed to get a gumball when they used the bathroom.

We also used cold water to clean them off when they had accidents. All of my kids love the bath, so having to get washed off was a plus to them until we started using cold water :)

I've had friends that let their children pick out character underwear and then would tell them that the character was happy when they didn't soil the underwear.

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I just finished potty training my son who is two. One of the things that worked for us in the beginning was whenever he did decide to use the potty we made a HUGE deal of it, calling Gramma and Grandpa to tell them, calling Daddy at work, taking pictures of him and the potty and putting them as our desktop picture on the computer (sick I know but he LOVED it and he still talks about it) It really helped to get him excited to use the potty cause he knew every time he did we would get to do something exciting. Good luck with your little one...smarties work well too :)

Sharon - posted on 10/30/2008




you have to be consistent with it and not go back to pampers or pullups keep her in underwear and u have to take her every 15mins at first and gradually increase the time as u do it in two weeks they actually get it when my daughter was 23 months i started because i couldn,t wait to put her in underwear and before she turned 2 she was already potty trained but u have to be prepared to fully do this because its not easy i even put her to bed in underwear i paded her bed with plastic so even if she had an accident at night she would not wet the bed i did the same for my son although he took longer to potty trained i did the same hpe it helps

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