Potty training a boy

Alexander - posted on 04/25/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




What is the best age to start potty training a boy? What signs to I look for to know if he is ready? What are some tips once I start? My son is 1-1/2


Ashley - posted on 04/25/2010




You can try to start now, but if you feel it's too early start him at 2. Transition him from pampers to pull ups early, if you can get the cool alerts those are great. Watch him when you give him something to drink about 15-20 minutes after and lead him to the potty tell him "pee pee here" do this as often as you can and you can increase or decrease the minutes just to see how long it takes him to have to potty,you will start to see how long it takes him to pee after he drinks and it will help you in learning his timing of when he has to go. Also if he shows signs when he poops like standing still, straining, farting etc. take him straight to the potty and put him to sit on it, you should have him sit there until he poops, that is if he has too. Buy him a musical potty or sumthing geared towards what he likes and that will keep him occupied, and if he shows resistance to the potty then try the big persons toilet but hold him so he doesnt get scared that he'll fall.

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some signs are he wakes up dry after naps or during the night. he starts tugging at his nappy he can pull his trousers down he says wee or poo when his dne either one. my sons is 17 months n i havent started him cus he hasnt showed any of these signs so im leaving it for a while


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Alissa - posted on 05/11/2010




the best time to start is when he is ready. you can introduce him to the potty now though. with my son i introduced him to the potty and everything when he was 1 but didn't push it. he started asking to sit on the potty when he was ready. he is 2 1/2 now and we are still working on it. the most important thing is to always keep his potty experience positive and fun. don't try to force him to do it or you will end up with a never-ending fight on your hands.

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For both boys and girls, the best ago to start is between 20-26 months. Just pick a 'method' and stick with it. I wrote a guide on Amazon that you might find helpful.

Potty training can be a major challenge unless you have a 'plan'. I always recommend finding a potty training program that you think will fit your parenting style, and then following it to a 'T'. Here is that guide I mentioned:


Congratulations, though, on talking the initiative. Potty training is HARD WORK but so worth it end the end!

Suzanne Riffel, author of 'The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers'

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i think your best time to start a child on the potty is when they are ready. my son did not get fully potty trained til he was 3.boys are alot harder than girls to potty train.you could try to put some cherios in the potty and tell them to pee on the cherios. it works with some kids but not all.

Rachel - posted on 05/08/2010




my son is day trained for weeing but wont do a poo on the toilet, what can i do to help him, he just wont use the toilet and will only do it with a nappy on, hes four....

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I started toilet training my son after he turned 3...i find boys start later. He would tell me that he pooed in his diaper or that he had a pee thats when i new he was startin to get ready. I used the easy up pull ups for him i found they held his pee better then the huggie pull ups. When i did start training him and he wanted to stand to pee i mad sure there was something in the toilet like toilet paper or i put cheerios in so he had something to aim at and plus it was fun for him.

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start it now!!!!.....its the best age to dry at day, it should be too late if you should start at 2 years...... and tell him that these is where he should poo and wee, he'll understands you.......sometimes there's no signs you should encourage him, and he'll used to it. that's what i did with my daughter 2yr.10days. i even started earlier on her dry at night and now she never wee on our bed.....and she always tell to poo and wee @ day time.

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