potty training a boy .... that

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i was wondering, whats your best way of potty training a boy?

My son is a little over 2 years old, very hyper active, don't like wearing boxers/undies at all or diapers in general but he will. Pull up are like diapers so that don't mind but that don't work. He thinks they are diapers.. He knows when he has to use the bathroom don't esecailly when he needs to poo. He likes his diapers. He acts like he wants to be potty broken, he went on a toilet a couple times, he wanted, thats because of my daughter. But i can't get him to wear anything. Ugh. I'm not forcing him. I know never force a child to be potty broken. Let them do it on his own. I just want more helpul advice . He'll go pee on the toilet when he wants, but he wont go poo on it. He'll wear undies all day outside when the sunshine is out and everything and wont go til I have diapers on his butt. ugh.

How did you do it, for a boy? Any helpful hints?

Everyone told me to have his father, cause its easier for a boy to potty train a boy, but he's always at work .

NOTE: He's so hyper that he wont sit on the toilet very long enough either. He can't sit still, LOL. not even with a favorite toy. The only way he sits there long enough is if he keeps playing with the flusher button to flush the toilet. He's so amused with that. haha.

My daughter was so much easier potty training. I stuck undies on her and thats what helped her. I skipped the pull ups on her because they gave her a rash so. and her going to headstart really helped out alot too


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Lourdes - posted on 08/13/2009




The same you would as a girl, sitting for peeing. when he gets older he will eventually move to standing. this will be after toddler years. maybe sooner for some.

here's a little extra advice:
I put my daughter on a schedule when i was training him. I had him trained in three months.
Make a schedule using time intervals. start of short and work your way to longer spans.
For instance 7:00, 7:10, 7:20..... Sun-Sat, put faces to describe what happened in that time, so if you took him at 7:00 and he did potty, then you put a smiley face :-).
If he didn't, then you put a regular face :-|. If he had an accident then you put a sad face :-(.
As you keep track, you will know what's what and when. Once you see that he's going less, then you may want to increase the intervals from every 10 minutes to every 15 or 20.
The chart will tell you how much to increas or decrease. You keep doing this till he's good to go on his own.
Keep his diapers on at nite but make sure you take him to do potty before bed.
After doing this for about a week or two, if he wakes up dry every day, then you can put him to bed without diapers.
when going out. make sure you take him to potty before leaving, then again once you've arrive at your destination; and in intervals like i mentioned above.
When you get back home, take him to potty again. Make sure you keep his diaper on for outings. Accidents may happen and better safe than sorry.
You want to do this for about two months. once you see that he hasn't had an accident outside, then you may want to do away with diapers altogether.
Praise him when he goes in the potty. Be gentle when he has an "accident". Explain why in the potty and not on the floor or on himself.
Don't worry if you think he doesn't understand, he will get the picture eventualy.
One more key, this may sound kind of yukky but it works. have him see you pee, and doodoo in your toilet. he will know then that tha's what your supposed to do in the potty.
I hope you understand all this and i haven't confused you.
Put the chart next to the potty and have him see you jot down the faces. make it fun!!!

Good Luck.

Tanya - posted on 08/12/2009




what I did with my first was put fruit loops in the toilet and told him to aim........he did it was a game, it took me 1 week with him....sounds weird but worked, the fruit loops lasted a couple days then he just went on his own, wasn't so scared of the toilet anymore.

Carrie - posted on 08/12/2009




ok, so here is my problem. My son was pee trained after about a week through the night and so on. My huge dillema is that he WON'T go poo on the toilet. I have tried everything. This has been like 7 months now and I am tired of cleaning poo out of his underwear! Please help me!

Jocelyn - posted on 08/12/2009




i'm just starting pting with my son (2.5 yrs). i bought him a cars potty seat (his fave movie ever! lol) and he loves it. he'll go and put it on the toilet and then just want to sit there. so i let him just sit there, we started a week ago, and so far he has had a tiny little pee, and farted once lol. good luck, if i find something that works wonders, i will let you know!

April - posted on 08/03/2009




both of you, thank you.

i heard from alot of other people that boys were easier, not in my book, not for me, haha

Anita - posted on 08/02/2009




if he still like diapers thats fine but what u can do is put underwear (or even all cotton fabric rectangle that fits into his diaper) on him b4 u put on the pull ups...the fabric underwear will make it uncomfortable when he does do a poo or wee and the pull ups allow u to keep the place a lil cleaner...kids tend to lose themselves...sometimes a lil push and a shove goes a long way and u really dont need to do much...NOTE; the underwear b4 the diaper works graet if u want to train them for night wetting and when ur out and about (just make sure u have plenty of extra underwear)

my little one is one month away from 2yrs and he's alwasy seen his dad and even myself on the toilet so he knows the differents btw when females wee and males wee...of course that didnt encourage him at all to wee or poo in the toilet..i guess its too big and a little overswhelming even though we had the insert..so two weeks ago and went and got a floor potty that plays music after they poo/wee and left it up against the wall for him and told him that its his little toilet and whenever he would like to wee/poo he can let mummy and daddy know and we will help him...anyway for the past two weeks hes been sitting on it like a chair just playing with his toy cars..everytime he sits on it i would ask if he would like me to take nappy off so he can do whatever and he would say no...up until yesterday!!!

changing his nappy getting ready for a nap he decides he wants to poo..so i put him on his potty for 30 min while he sat there "reading" his book (hilarious!!) and he did nothing...ok so he got me sucked in becos he didnt want to nap!!

This morning on the other hand he gets up..says mum poo..potty...naturally i put him on and 5min later he did his first poo ever in the potty...i gave him a horay and he gave himself a clap...didnt make too much of a deal but everytime from thereon he said he wants to use potty i will take him there regardless if he means it or not...

not sure if this helps at all...good luck anyway and remember girls are more easily toilet trained than boys...

Nubia - posted on 08/02/2009




i just put underwear on my boy and took him to the potty every half hour or less and sat there with him. My husband and my dad also let him see them when ever they had to go i dont know if that helped him but he goes in the potty the only problem for me now is getting him to tell me cuz sometimes he tells me before and then there are time when he tells me and he has already pee peed on himself

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