potty training a boy when to start an tips??

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How do you know when its the right time to start potty training? An how can you make it easy for a boy since they have to learn two steps?


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Sarah - posted on 01/23/2010




We started our son a couple weeks ago at 16 months. We completely bypassed the potty chair and went for the potty seat that fits right on the toilet. I started putting him on it about every 30 mins until he went. When he did go I made such a big deal about it......he just loved the praise and became excited about going on the potty. I also gave him big boy treats ( 4 white choc chips) He goes about 3-5 times on the potty and now he tells me when he has to go maybe half of the time by running to the bathroom. We do still have alot of accidents mostly pee because I can tell when he has to go poop, so monday we are going to start wearing cloth training pants so he knows and can feel when he has an accident. I am not going to use pull ups they are just like diapers and can drag out the training process. I will continue to use diapers for naps and bedtime. I would defineately start by the age 2. I started early because I am expecting in May and felt I may not have as much time to dedicate to my toddler with a newborn. It really does take a lot of time in the first few weeks especially with my little one who is so excited about it that he runs to the bathroom and wants to go more times than he really has to....Lol!!!!

Good luck and happy training.

Theresa - posted on 01/18/2010




My oldest boy was pretty easy to train. He was trained a little before his 3rd birthday. My second was harder. He didn't get fully trained (without frequent accidents) until he was almost 4, and even after that he had a few years of pull ups/ good nights at night. With both boys I had them sit to go pee at first. They didn't start standing until they were tall enough to reach without a stool and until they started asking to stand (I suppose after seeing how Daddy, uncles, Grandpa, etc did it.

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thanks everyone. hopefully it will go good. i'm going to try this summer before i go back to school.

Michelle - posted on 01/18/2010




Great advice from all the mums! My boy was around 2 1/2 before he was toilet trained, and we actually rewarded him with a chocolate everytime he had a poo on the toilet (it was the only thing he responded too)! Beforehand he did not care if he had a poo in his nappy..... And seeing his friends use the toilet worked too, cause he wanted to be a "big boy" and use the toilet like they were. Most importantly, don't stress about it. It will happen at some stage, and anything other than positive reactions will only hinder the process. Good luck!

Julie - posted on 01/17/2010




I didn't do a thing with my 3 year old son and he potty trained himself by age 2 1/2. He told me he wanted to go and I praised him and made a big deal about it until he started using the toilet on a regular basis. My 2 year old daughter is almost there, again, all by herself. There's no need for you to force anything on your child with potty training. They'll train themselves in time... especially if they are in daycare or pre-school and see other children using the toilet. I wouldn't withhold fluids at night like the other mom suggested. If your child is thirsty, they're thirsty. As somone once said to me, "they'll be potty-trained before they go to college." Don't stress and try make them go before they're ready. Let them guide you as to when they are interested. Anything else is too early.

Lisa - posted on 01/17/2010




Started about age 1 or older. When I would go to the bathroom I would put him on the potty. If a stay at home mom, can put him on the potty every hour to half hour and let him run around the house with just underwear on. Have him sit on the potty and push his peepee down till he's tall enough to stand and aim on regular toliet. no drinks an hour before bed.When he hasnt wet the bed for a week straight let him sleep in underwear and a rubber mat under sheets. Most important don't yell, get frustrated and PRAISE when they do go on the potty. Its not a big deal when they start as long as its before they go to school. Good luck.

Christina - posted on 01/17/2010




Honestly, it's way harder with boys than girls, I babysat girls before and trained them , and I now have 2 boys of my own and I can tell the difference. With my boys, everytime I would see them squeezing or making their potty face and I would bring them into the Broom singing yeah it's potty time and I'm a big boy so I go on the potty now... lol it worked. then when they were done, I would sing (There name) went poopy on the potty or pee pee, which ever one. My oldest was trained by 2 and my youngest is 1 1/2 and has been poopy potty trained for about 3 months now. It helps that he has a big bro he looks up to and daddy, but I just repeated the same thing every time they used the potty. You have to use repatition as I'm sure you already know. Just make it fun and oh another thing, I have the leapfrog pen and books, and they have to use it everytime they go potty, it takes their mind off of the whole i'm sitting on the potty fear and they have fun and go potty at the same time. If you don't have that, just use reg. books to keep attention to something else. Good Luck and don't stress, he'll eventually be potty trained, don't listen to anyone who talks bad about him not being trained, it's your son and he will be potty trained, don't scream about it to him or yell at him, or get frustrated, is he wants out the broom the 1st few times or more, let him leave so he has no fear in place. Good Luck and hope to hear some results soon.

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