Potty training advice desperately needed!!!!

Susan - posted on 01/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2 1/2 yrs old. He is not potty trained at all. I tried about 6 mos ago because my sister was trying with her son who is a bit older. He would go sit on the little potty and read and we would be there for about 30 minutes and then we put a diaper/pull up on him, he would go in that. So I figured it wasn't time and decided to hold off a bit. Then about a month ago, I got him a "Cars" potty seat that goes on our toilet and he really liked that, so I tried again, but he still isn't too interested. He just wants to read the books I have in the bathroom really.

I didn't know if anyone had suggestions about how to do this. I have a one year old of my own and I watch a one year old during the day, so I can't just sit in the bathroom all day or let him run around in just a pullup/nothing becaus it's wintertime. Is there a book that is really good that several of you recommend? Please help. I'm so confused and I think that's part of my son's problem!


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Charity - posted on 01/08/2010




Hey Susan,
Don't beat yourself up over this!!! Potty training is not an easy task! It can be very fusterating I know...I have gone through it will my daughter, who has been trained since she was 20mths. But, I think the key is to try and stay calm and to have some patience when it comes to training your little tot...Some tips I would recommend is...
1).Take some familar objects your son plays with in the bathroom
2).Take him to the potty when you go and sit him on it
3). Buy kids potty time videos/stories
4). Use rewards in the begining
5). Buy underwear just for him
6). Take him to the bathroom before and after meals, naps, night sleeps
7). Bring extra cothes where ever you go
8). If he has an accident leave him sit in it for a few minutes...I know grosse but he'll probably not like it too much and asked to be changed and maybe after sometime of doing that he'll want to use the potty.
9). Create a potty chart on the wall
10). Move the potty to the room you are playing in and occassionally seat him on it while watch t.v, eatting suppe, etc...just so he become familar with it
11). Have group potty time...for the 1 year and your son too...usually monkey see monkey do...
12) Make a game out of potty time...mommies turn..now it's your turn!
13) Give verbel praise...lots of it!

Melissa - posted on 01/04/2010




We got a little potty and my daughter just went to sit on it occasionally, like before bath, when she got up, etc.. She sat for about 4 months before one day she actually used it. She used it for a while and then stopped. A few months later she picked back up and now uses the big potty most of the time. We haven't pushed it AT ALL and just let her take the lead. No stress!!! She's 3 now, wears pull-ups at night and panties during the day. Good luck!

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