Potty Training issues

Kristie - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 3 years old and I have been trying to potty train her for the past year. She showed no interest at first so I let her warm up to it. I have tried the reward system and not punishing her for it, just letting her know that she made me sad by going in her pants. I have tried punishing her by taking things away from her and nothing is working. She has just recently started to show improvement by telling me that she needs to go, but she is waiting too long to tell me and then she is having accidents. I know that most people say that it won't work until they are ready for it, but she is 3 now and it is time. I know she knows the feeling of when she has to go because she will run out of the room and try to hide it from everyone. I put pull-ups on her when we go places but when we are at home she wears regular underwear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Alisha - posted on 02/12/2010




My daughter is 3.5 yrs and still once in awhile goes in her pants. .she always seems to try and hold it as long as possible but one thing i ahve noticed is she will start to do ;like a potty dance thats when im like go to the washroom. It can be hard but she is getting beter and better each day. at first there i was using a pull up when we went out but stopped as i thought its giving her mitched messages. So try just panties when u go out. she will have accidents so always bring an extra pair of pants and panites. One thing i do if she pees her pants well out (which happened the other day well at the part and it was so sad) we must leave right away as others don't wanna have peed stinky pants around. its hard and let me tell you if she is having fun be ready for a fit, thats what happeend to me and it was sad but she needs to know that u just can't pee ur pants . . . . .good luck. also if there is any kind of change she might start to pee her pants even if she has been fully trained for a yr. best of luck

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