potty training my son

Jennifer - posted on 08/22/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




help!! i have no idea how to start potty training my son. My other 2 children are girls they were easy. any ideas?


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Mimi - posted on 08/22/2009




honestly you just have to do it! i had been trying off and on with my son for a year. he will be 3 next month and i started last summer right before he turned 2. i got the pull ups and bought him a potty chair...he didn't want to do it!! i took him to the doctor in june and she said that it is true...boys take longer and are harder to train than girls. she said i could either make him start going and just be persistent or wait until he shows interest and when he is ready. well, i am due in nov with my second child and i did not want 2 kids in diapers! and my husband wasn't happy with my son's lack of progress so one saturday he put my son on the toilet and said you are a big boy, you go potty like a big boy. we left the room so he didn't feel pressure from us hovering over him and not even 5 minutes later he came running out of the bathroom yelling I WENT POTTY LIKE A BIG BOY MOMMY!!! and he has been peeing ever since (about 2 months now). he won't poop yet. my son too has a hard time. it's hard and painful but we are working on it. you just have to say alright, today you will start using the potty and don't back down. try to walk out of the bathroom (this also teaches privacy!! something us moms never get in the bathroom!! LOL) so he really feels like a big boy...i hope this helps!

Anna - posted on 08/22/2009




My first was a girl and soooo easy, my second a boy who had no desire to go potty in the big potty. He had really hard bowel movements and they hurt so he was scared to go, but I kept trying, especially when it was hot out, I put underwear on him and sent him outside. He hated getting wet. That happened for about a month before he finally made it on the potty. Then one night he told me he was ready to be a big boy, the next morning his diaper was dry, he stayed dry all day and that was two months ago - he is still dry at night and during the day. He is 3 1/2 though, so for me it was just matter of him being ready. He also sits, he isn't tall enough to stand at the "big" potty yet so he just sits and points himself down, sometimes I have to help him so he doesn't spray all over. Good luck, it's kinda whatever works for you and for him.

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