Potty training plan?

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Hello ladies.
My daughter is 18 months old. She's been generally GREAT with any transitions in her life, I.E: Formula to milk, introducing solids, bottles to sippy cups...Recently my daughter has had a few mornings where she wakes up dry. She's able to verbally say "caca" and "pipi" and when I catch a whiff and ask if she made a caca she grabs her diaper. Seeing as I'm single mother and rarely use the washroom alone, I took it upon myself to let her watch and when I flush she waves "byebye".
I know she's not full blown potty training ready but I figured I would introduce her to the idea of it now and see how it goes. So far she enjoys sitting on it naked. I was wondering if there's any tips, including the placement of said potty, the time of day to sit her on it, my conversation with her while she's on it, how long to leave her on and all the sorts....?
If you think 18 month is too early, don't bother commenting to tell me please. I'm not lazy or impatient with diaper changing, just following her natural growth and development and it seems right.
Thank you!


Kimberly - posted on 07/30/2011




Hey that is great your daughter is so keen!!! My lil girl who is 20 months is the same. She has always loved coming to the bathroom with me and when she started to so interest in the toilet I got her the seat that sits over the toilet and a little potty. I just wanted to go with her interests, she has pee a fair few times on it but I dont push her to use it and make it more fun. When I change her nappy I ask her if she want to pee on the potty, if she says yes we do it if she says no we dont. I always put her on it before bath/showers which usually resaults in a pee and we always clap and tell her what a good girl she is. I dont want to pressure her before she is ready but I also dont want to not incourage her too so I just go with flow and follow her lead. Good luck!!!!

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