Power Wheels for my 2 year old

Ashley - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughters birthday is coming up in a month and I wanted to get her a really cute Power Wheels ride on toy as a big gift from me, her step-daddy, and her grandmother. I am having all sorts of trouble deciding which one to get her for a decent price. She has a little bike with training wheels, which she loves to ride, but it gets frustrating when I try to push her and she gets upset because she cant pedal very well. I figured a Power Wheels toy would be perfect for her now because she loves to play on the one at her friends house, and she knows how to use it already. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions as to what is better or what else you would recommend. Thanks for looking!!


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Erin - posted on 09/24/2010




We got one for my son for Christmas. Not the name brand powerwheel though. It's smaller than the car ones but just the right size for him. I got him the Disney Cars one (more boy theme I'm sur you could find a similar girly one ) It was around $50 at Walmart. If you went on their website you could probably find that one or something like it. We've had good luck with it and it was easy to put together. Although he has used it mostly in the house because it was winter when he got it. It works good on concrete not on grass. I don't know how fast you want it to go this one goes like 2 miles an hour or if your looking for something a little more elaborate, but he's been happy with it. You could even ask her friends mother about the one she has for her child since your daughter liked that one so much. Good luck hope this helped:)

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