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My son will be two in May and I plan on trying to potty-train him this summer. I am wanting to switch him to pull-ups soon however. He has discovered how to take his diaper off without even taking off his pants. I currently use Luvs Diapers, but I'm not sure about pull-ups. Which brand is a good brand? And a reasonably priced one too?



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Pulls Ups are very expensive. I saved a lot of money by buying them at Sams Club or Costco. I also bought them when they were on sale or I looked for coupons. Huggies brand pull ups were the only ones I ever used. Someone once gave me a generic brand to borrow when I ran out and it leaked.


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i use huggies pull ups with my son. he's 2 1/2 (i tried starting to potty train at 2 and he was NOT ready). i heard from some that using pull ups woud confuse him, but i haven't had that experience at all with them. we use the ones that get fold when he goes in them. he's been in them full time for only a couple weeks, and he's already telling us when he has to go at least 3 times a day (though we don't always make it). and he knows right away after he has gone and tells us he needs a new one. i used white cloud once, and they're ok, but they don't have ones that get cold like huggies. they're pricey, but i think it's worth it. i tried putting him in just underwear last summer when i first tried training him, and couldn't stand the smell of pee all through my house! i don't suggest that.

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I use pull ups. I'm worried about trying easy ups or anything else as these work. However, if your child is in between cloth might be a good option. It's cheaper than pull ups but still a bit pricey. Gerber and sears used to make good ones but they're not so good anymore. Check out the different brands out there, cloth might be the best if you need the extra abosrbancy but not a diaper but not as thin as underwear. My son isn't ready for underwear but is in between.

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I've used huggies pull ups but are not cheap,i used them on my daughter who is now 9 but i found that it confused her and because during the day she had to use the potty and try not to wet herself but at night she as allowed to pee in her diaper.I just used underwear and plastic diaper over it to not make too many messes during the day.My baby is currently 2 1/2 he will be 3 in august and i've tried several times but he tells me he has to go potty after the fact so clearly he's not quite ready yet!!I'm not sure if I'll try training diaper or just use cloth underwear, Good Luck!!

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we only used them at nite with our daughter and put her right in panties. she hated being messy or wet and would cry when she peed or pooed herself. she only had them at nite for a while - couple months with accidents nearly every time, hubby just said you're a big girl, go to the potty if you need to pee at nite. call us if you need help wiping, here are your pretty panties. don't pee on cinderella. we had a total of 3 nite time accidents. that's it. as long as we had pull ups on her - she thought it was "ok" to potty in them. we used off brands though. worked just as well. try a potty bell. set it for every half hour or so - you probably know when he goes potty or how often. i have a friend that used it and said her lil guy was trained in a week. of course i heard this AFTER my daughter was trained. just don't push it. if you offer and ask them if they want to try it, they'll get curious. key is to get them one way or another to want to do it on their own. if you have a stubborn one and push it, they push back! :)

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I agree with Stacy. They are very confusing to kids. If your son is REALLY ready for potty training, you won't need pull-ups. Just swap him over to the big boy underwear. Get him something that he will be proud of... Elmo, Spiderman, etc. and coach him to not get them wet and to try to make it to the potty in time. Remind him frequently and you should be golden. I think 1 week or so of accidents is much better than months and months of pull-ups. JMHO. If you do decide to take the Pull-Up route - THere are always coupons for Huggies in the paper and you can typically get a pull up coupon from Target as well. They will let you double up on the coupons if you have a mfr and a target one. Good luck - don't let it frustrate you. He will not go to college with a diaper (or a pull-up) :)

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Buy them at costco or walmary and use coupons. My dayhome swears by the kirkland brand at superstore.

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To be honest, if ur really going to start potty training seriously, pull-ups are a waste of money...The kids can't tell the difference between diapers and pull ups. They feel like a diaper to them..it just makes it easier to get them on and off. That being said, I let my 2.5 year-old just run around in panties during the day and take her to the potty every hour,asking her if she has to go about every 20 minutes. Sometimes she will tell me she has to go others she will not, but we are slowly but steadily getting there. The one time I do use pullups is when we are going on a long car ride or to the park or somewhere we don't have immediate access to a bathroom. I make sure to tell her we are going to put on a pull-up but you still need to tell me if u have to pee. Alot of times if I put a pull up on her she will still pee in them, but if she has panties on at home she usually does not. JMO, but buying pull ups to where every day are a waste of $$$...they are very expensive!

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