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Melissa - posted on 12/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




over the summer, my 2 year old tried to climb out of his crib. he failed, and his head met the floor. that was the last time he tried...until he figured out how to do it very carefully 3 weekends ago. now he makes a game out of climbing in and out. YAY! not really...i hate it! my dad made him a bed for christmas, so we will be moving him to the bed soon. here is my concern. our room is on the second floor of the house, and our son is on the main floor. when he moves into his bed and gets up in the morning...or even during the do we make sure he doesn't go up or down stairs? play in the bathroom? stay up all night reading (i can't believe i'm worried about that...should be a good thing, except i know how he is when he's tired)? do we break out the baby gates again? will he climb those too? help!


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Jamie - posted on 12/26/2009




Try the safety 1st door knob covers on the inside so they cannot open the door and let themselves out. Make sure their room is safe for them to be in though, ours have heaters along the wall and they freak me out, I usually run in when I can hear him moving around on the monitor...

Jessie - posted on 12/26/2009




In my house all the rooms are upstairs. The stairway isn't very safe, but we rent and I can't fix it. My girls are now 3 and 4 and we have to put 2 gates up to make sure that they stay in their room. We at first just had the one gate, but they climbed over it. I freaked out b/c they could fall between t he bars or the rail, so that's why we added the second gate. I think in your case you should make sure you get the bed put up before his nap time during the day so you can put a gate up on his door and see if he will climb the gate. Making sure of course there's nothing in his room he could move over to the gate to assist him. I don't know if you still use a baby monitor with him, but it would be a great idea to use it to make sure you can hear when he actually does wake up and you can get to him before he can get into anything. Hope this helps

Mandy - posted on 12/23/2009




We have stairs too. We used the child proof knobs on the doors more for safety reasons. Once they can handle the extra freedom, then we took the knobs off.

Maureen - posted on 12/23/2009




I have three kids. When the older two figured out how to climb out of their cribs we moved them to their day bed. The crib converted. We talked with them that they couldn't get out until they heard mom or dad. I would recommend using the baby gates until he get used to his new bed. Having a talk with him that he is now a big boy and can still come to you if he needs something is important though. He is old enough to understand that there is no playing until ..., you set the guidelines. You will probably find that he will love his bed and sleep just as long as he did in the crib. My children haven't ever climbed the gates when they were up. Good luck

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