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I was changing my daughter yesterday in the car when I saw this rash all over her body first i noticed it on her genitals, and just thought it was a diaper rash or a heat rash. So i changed her clothes bc she was all sticky due to snacks lol and it was all over her body i made her a doc app for this morning but the rash had went away. So i cancelled it this morning but this evening it reappeared after i gave her a bath. Its like faint red bumps all over her body, abdominal, back, legs, arms, face. EVERYWHERE. i didnt check in her mouth but she doesnt seem itchy or uncomfortable maybe a little more irritated than normal. But no fever or flu like symptoms knock on wood! Please any comments?


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Deborah - posted on 08/18/2010




Since it disappears and comes back it is probably not chicken pox, I would say as soon as you see the spots again try to take digital photos of them and make an doctor's appt. and if the rash is gone at least you will have something visual form the doctor can go on. There are so many different kinds of rashes out there caused by many different things, it's best to get a professional opinion. Something the doctor will want to know is if your child has been exposed to anything new recently like foods or soap, laundry soap, anything like that. The they will want to know if they have been around anyone who has been sick or been out of the country recently. I have lot's of experience with stuff like that. Just don't panic because it may just be a simple heat rash, those can come and go. Hope everything works out.

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