Reading books to my 14 1/2 mth old

Malinda - posted on 06/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 14 1/2 mth old won't make it through a book w/ out trying to tear the pages. Then it turns into a temper tantrum. So I try to find the shortest books to read to him. How can I get him to sit still?


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i am a big advocate fro reading to your kids from day one. even before my son was born i read the same book to him every night. now hes 2 and LOVES books. weve bought a different variety to see what he likes the best. ive never forced him to sit during the day to read, i just ask and if he does then hell pick out the one he wants to read. at night we read 3 small books. he chooses 2 and i choose 1. ive found that adding a little animation to your voice also helps. at 14 1/2 months he'll probablly just be interested in picture books.

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My son is almost 2. We have a lot of books with pages that do not tare. As this age it is too much to expect that they will not tare the pages. This is the age where they are first learning to talk, mainly learning how to name things in there environment... mama ball ect. If you read to them they get bored quickly. Try finding books that have pictures of things they can already name mixed with some new pictures of things they do not know the names of. This is where there language is at. What the "experts" say is that at this age you really just want to get them interested in books even if that just means turning the pages and seeing how the book works. You could also just try again in a few months when he is talking more.

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The board books are a good idea, but you can also try, instead of actually reading the book to him, just point out the pictures and talk about what the story is about. He probably doesn't have the attention span to listen to the whole story. My son is 2 and he just now will listen to a short story!

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Buy hardcover books for him that won't tear. Their attention spans will grow as they get older. My son likes to rock while I read to him. I also read to him before a nap or bedtime when he is getting tired and is a little more calm.

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