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Corey - posted on 03/26/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




So we've all heard "start reading as early as you can!" to our children and i really want to! I love to read and that's thanks to my mom and grandmother reading to me when i was so young. I've tried reading to my 14 mo old son but all he wants to do is grab the book out of my hands or turn the pages rapidly. Any advise on how to get him to sit still and listen?


Julie - posted on 03/26/2010




Obviously, try to read to him when he is settled down. Also, let him pick the books. Since my son could point, I'd hold up two books in front of us (him sitting on my lap facing away from me) and say which one? Recently, (he's 2 now) he will turn down both books until he finds one he likes. I have a stack of 'em ready and I mainly read right before bedtime.

Even when he was very little, if I'd try to read one of my books or magazines, he'd push it away or try to squirm away. To this day, we have some kids books he will not let me read to him. Oddly enough, it is the ones that look really lame to me.

As for turning pages, I try to hold down the pages with my right thumb, lifting up the next page a little ... when it is time, I let him turn the page.

Also, you don't HAVE to read the story ... in fact, don't. Make up something that gets him to look at the pictures while you and he point. When he has some words, let HIM tell parts of the story or help you say what's going on in a page. Texture books are GREAT!

Finally, remember, one sentence per page at this age due to the short attention spans!

Good luck, it is great to get reading into your routine:) ... I know it's my only snuggle time unless my guy is sick!


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Rachel - posted on 03/27/2010




I had the same with my daughter.... i found by letting her have the same book whilst i was talking about the pictures she would be looking at hers and gradully she would take an interest. Start by talking about the pictures and move on to reading the book... Be paitent... Me and my daugher have some lovely time reading together now!!

Katie - posted on 03/27/2010




Well i started with my son as young as 4 months. Find something that hes into like cars trains something. Get one of the books and try different times in the day to red to him. I find that my son loves bed time.. Its a time when the house it quiet and its mommy and me time. Theres also books with nursey ryhems you read/ sing to him.. andything to get his attention works.. and make sure there isnt much going on like turn off the tv and stuff. Also try baby enistein.. its great with getting there attention.. not all kids like it but most like mine will get enjoyment out of it.. best wishes

Shelley - posted on 03/27/2010




just keep doing what you are doing it could take months but one day he will listen to the story I have a little page flipper to but finally after months he sits for an entire story or two & is pointing to things in the book & enjoying whats on the pages instead of just turning pages & getting to the end lol, But it took months & months!

Louise - posted on 03/27/2010




You have to teach your son the basics first before you can continue onto proper story books. Start with a cardboard word book which your child can point to the pictures and learn new words and turn the pages. Children love to turn pages. He can be a rough as he likes with these books and do them no harm. Start with 2 minutes of pointing and teaching words and gradually extend the time to 5 minutes. When he has achieved 5 minutes and is not so rough with the books then you can gradually move onto other books. He has learnt the skill of concerntration and should sit for 5 minutes pointing and trying to turn pages. Just remember it is very difficult for a child so young to sit still, don't expect to much. I had children in my class who could not sit still and they were 4. Good luck

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