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Has anybody experienced what I have gone through my 19 month old daughter? She was just recently diagnosed with this and it was a week of hell to go through. The ER Doctors didn't even know what it was. They just told me she had a sore throat but my gut told me that it was so much more than that. Sure enough, at the follow-up visit, she was diagnosed with Roseola. So, I guess I'm learning to trust my instincts. Dr.'s don't always know.


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Rebecca - posted on 09/03/2010




yeah my son had that at about 10 months old - he had a fever and the runs for a few days then after fever broke he came out in rash ( which wasnt painful or itchy) the doctor actually diagnosed him with gastro but the nurse said to me on the way out of doctors - bet he comes out in a rash and it will be roseola - and she was right! he was fine after a few days - no major at all really just the fever was annoying

Griselda - posted on 09/02/2010




Yes, my oldest daughter developed roseola when she was 7 months old. She started with a high fever and then a few days later she started the rash in her torso and belly and it also spread to her legs. During this time, my daughter was so cranky and needy. She cried often so I held her a lot to console her.
Unfortunately there's nothing you can give your toddler for roseola. It comes and goes on its own :-(

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