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Martha - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a three year old boy and a 10 moth old girl. Ever since winter has come along I have been struggling with there time to sleep as there father works 5 am -5 pm every day except weekends. I drive him to work and back home and the only time we see day light is when some time go to the store. We started to sleep all day and stay up all night and in our place we don't have much natural light . I have been myself having a hard time changing sleep times.Please any sugestions thank you


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Ariel - posted on 01/15/2010




hey i do the same thing every am with my 2 yr old and my hubby we also have weird sleeping habits i've learned that when i get back from dropping him off and when were back at home we seem to have to stay up for awhile and he watches cartoons i try to keep it mellow and at least we seem to get a earlier nap i'd say 8-9am lay down time to around 12 wake up just in time to get lunch then were up the rest of the day that way when daddy gets home and dinner is done hes wiped out and not long after my hubby hits the hay that i'm able to follow not long after
i'm not to sure how your little one is with naps nut it sems that if she get 2 then timing them both for the am at the same time could work good for mommy ya know and after your lunches done then it may be time for play and before you go and get dad you could give her another hour or howeverlong nap that way you all can get some fam time before your night time routine
either way i've found that be consist will get you what you want not to say that some nights you wont be able to stay up but just limit those nights for the toddler and you
guys not so much a babe
just be consistant

Helen - posted on 01/15/2010




wen u ave droped ur hubby off at work go home an keep ur self busy for a bit go to the store or park ect try to b as busy as u can so u stay awake drink coffee lol anything let ur lil ones ave a nap after lunch while u do somthing to keep u awake then after an hour of the kids avin a nap wake them even set an alarm in case u do nod off then in the after noon play toys an tire the kids out pick ur hubby up do tea an by the time it gets to around 7 or 8 u should b very tired an sleep at nite it may take a while to do this an maybe at the start u could ave a nap wiv the kids cos it may b hard to totaly cut out naps hope this helps

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