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Angela - posted on 08/22/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




i am starting to have trouble disciplining my 2 yr old son.. i try spanking and timeouts, but neither of those have much effect on him. are there anyother ways to discipline him that might work?


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Lisa - posted on 08/22/2010




We use timeouts (1 minute per year) and ignoring. Ignoring works especially well during meltdowns and temper tantrums. It's also hard to do but it does work. I explain what about the behavior is wrong and just walk away.

Dora - posted on 08/22/2010




Just remember he is still quite young and just starting to understand the difference between right and wrong. Redirecting is always great. If he is doing something he is not supposed to be doing, say no and have him do something he is allowed. A big part of discipline and teaching a child the difference between right and wrong is being repetitive. Also make sure to be consistent or your son may end up getting confused. The reason why I highly am recommending redirecting him is because I have done it with my son and it worked wonders. Also by showing him which toys are mommy's and which toys are him will teach him what he may and may not play with.

Clarice - posted on 08/22/2010




re-directing is the best thing for this age. He is testing his limits (this is right for his age) developmentally. How long do you leave him in time out??? It should be a minute for their age (2 minutes for him) should be the max.

Dawn - posted on 08/22/2010




I am pro-spanking but at this age I feel it will not be effective...little ones this age are breaking rules to test limits as a learning experience and they don't have the impulse control to help it. I feel the same about timeouts. Right now I do a lot of ignoring, a lot of re-directing and a lot of explaining what is right and wrong and expected. However, I will use a "timeout" when he is beyond hysterical and I will lightly swat his hand at a possibly dangerous offense.

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