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Kayla - posted on 08/02/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I love to do neat crafts with my kids. but i'm running out of ideas. I have bought 2 books for crafts for kids. & i'm pretty much done with both of them. I like having them interested in doing things that help them learn as well as have fun... Any ideas!?


Angela - posted on 08/12/2009




we made maracas (from the PBS Sprouts website) with paper plates and dry beans. the kids loved it. we've also done leaf rubbings, pinecone bird feeders, rain sticks and other stuff from the Sprouts site (they have lots of creative ideas)

Rose - posted on 08/03/2009




Well it's not so much a craft as it is just fun... Get a cheap easy to clean plastic pool.. Then mix water and cake mix or pudding in it the kids love the way it feels and clean up is easy...Water.. The www has an endless supply of craft ideas, Maybe with Christmas around the corner they can make some ornaments for each family member. They will cherished over the years and the little ones get to see their crafts each year hanging on the tree!! Have Fun!!


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Amanda - posted on 08/13/2009




Food/Cooking type crafts are fun. Noggin has a website for parents with crafts like decorating cupcakes to look like one of the wonder pets. That could be fun, and you could teach them their colors with that. You could also get cookie cutters in the shape of numbers and letters and make words or numbers with cookies, you can even decorate them afterwards (sugar cookies)

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Give them some old magazines and let them cut pictures out of them to make collages. You might have to help them get started on a theme if they seem overwhelmed or just let them go to town if they are interested.
My children love cooking with me (4YO and 19mo). I know it's not crafts but if it's not something you haven't done, it's not too bad with even my littlest - as long as you're tolerant of the mess. We also have a playdo recipe if you'd like it. I'm sure I'll think of more ideas.

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