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Shannon - posted on 08/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter has always done everything early and quick, her birthday ,however, is late that is to start school. she will be 4 this November. if she starts school according to the school system she will be 5 and turn 6 about 2 months into the school year. her age is not the issue it is that she is really smart and i feel as though i would be doing her an injustice if i just sit back and let her start "on time'.
she already knows her abc's, can count to 20, can spell her name, identify all her shapes, colors, and body parts and not just the standard ones. For example if you point to your head and ask what is this she pauses and looks and you and ask what you mean, it depends on what exactly you are pointing at, are you pointing at your forehead, eyebrow, eye lid , or are you talking about what is in your head i.e. brain. her memory is fantastic she can remember thing from over a year a go, and in detail. when she was 2 we took her to she a speech therapist because she was stuttering and they tested her and it was not a speech problem it was that she test on a 4 1/2 year old level and her mouth would not catch up to what her brain wanted her to say.

what am i suppose to do? what can I do? I want her to be challenged, i don't want her to get bored.


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Ragan - posted on 08/13/2009




Its not just about how smart she is and what she knows, her social skills are very important when she starts school. Is she around other kids? Have you had her in pre-school? That is a great way to introduce her to the stucture of school and being away from you if she isnt already. If you need stuff for her to do there are a lot of great worksheet sites where you can print stuff for free. I have a daughter like that who is 7 and it can be very frustating and she does get bored sometimes. Good Luck.

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