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I have 2 1/2 year old twins. A boy who is quiet only when he gets upset but my daughter likes to scream allll the time. Over anything and it seems she just does it to hear herself. She is a smart little girl but she does not pay attention very well. I need suggestions on how to get her to stop the screaming!! Of course she is in the terrible two stage and throws fits all the time but the screaming is unneccessary. she does it in general and when she ides not get her way. Please help!! I want the screaming to stop.


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Chelsea - posted on 12/28/2010




with my daughter the way i got the majority of the screaming to stop was to take her a put her in her bed and leave her till she stopped screaming , i only did this when she was screaming for what seems like no reason or when she screams at me, it took a little bit but soon she understood that if she screams she gets to go to bed and not get attention

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I have started putting my youngest daughter in her room when her screaming gets out of control or she has to sit/be carried (whatever) by me when out in public. It has started to curb the screaming but it will take a while yet. (but it IS working.:) Hope this helps. good luck and god bless

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We took our daughter to the bathroom and told her to scream in there and not to come out until she was done. we told her it hurt our ears and she needs to do it with the door shut. She tried to come out screaming a few times and we just put her back in there and said, see, it's perfect for screaming - it will echo and you can hear yourself, but we don't want to. After a couple weeks, she was just tired of being in the bathroom since there was no one around to listen to her screaming,she just kinda grew out of it. took a bit over a month, but worked for us. we did the same thing for fits.....see, the carpet here is nice and soft if you want to lay down and throw a fit.

Katherine - posted on 12/26/2010




Ignore it. The more you reinforce it with attention, the more she'll do it. Just walk away. Trust me she'll get bored real fast.

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