Sharing our bed? Help how do i get toddler out!

Nawaal - posted on 06/28/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 years old and each night we put her down in her bed and she then comes over to my bed. I do this about three times and then I am exhausted. So i leave her in my bed. But I cant manage it anymore. Please help


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Lauren - posted on 07/03/2011




Im going through the exact same thing atm with my daughter (she is nearly 4) its not every night but every now an again she will come into my bed, some times she is happy to be sent back to her bed after a cuddle but other nights she will have a full blown screaming tantrum waking the whole house up!! it is less often now though as she has something taken away from her when she behaves in that way. I'm hopeful she is growing out of it gradually! Stick with returning her to her own room and explain that she needs to sleep in her own room or her fave toy will miss her too much and if she doesnt get enough sleep in her own bed then she wont have the energy for play the next day.

Maureen - posted on 06/30/2011




All my children went through this phase. We ended up putting a blanket and pillow by our bed for each of them. This only lasted a few nights. The floor gets hard after awhile. I have alse just sent them back to bed without getting up myself. I just give her a hug and kiss tell her I love her and she needs to be in her own bed. During the day I explain that mommy has a lot more patience when she gets enough sleep. So they need to be in their own beds for the night.

Cindy - posted on 06/30/2011




try a baby gate on her door so she can not get out of her room. It may take a few nights of crying - both her and you - before she gets into the routine of staying in her own bed. I'm facing the same battle with my son. We're not using the baby gate as he won't leave his bed during the night but does wake up screaming for me during the night. I explain how happy and proud dad and I are of him when he sleeps in his own bed. He's a June baby (Cancer) and loves to please so this makes him happy. He also has a moonlight on a timer on the wall - we have a deal that when the light goes out it's time to sleep and rest. Also, mention what your plans are for the next day and explain that she needs to sleep and rest in her own bed for tomorrow's activities. Good luck

Julie - posted on 06/29/2011




tell her though out the day that "TODAY IS THE DAY YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN BIG GIRL AND SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED ..." (sound excited about it) and then follow through.
Trust me - consistency is the key - Every time you give in you have just taught her you don't mean it... She is merely following your cues.
Put out your sensors and make sure there is nothing she is afraid of - screen what she takes into her mind on the t.v.
Give her a favorite stuffed animal to bond to and tell her that "Fluffy" wants to be in her bed every night and needs her there to protect him and keep him warm..." - Divert her attention

Lia - posted on 06/28/2011




you should try sleeping with her in her bed/room, until she gets use to be secure in the room by herself.... or leave the door open ...I don't suggest a night light at all, just girl and boy still sleep with me because I'm an only mommy, so I don't stress over this issue... but some helpful suggestions.

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