Should I put my son in school even if he isn't ready? Or should I wait?

Andrea - posted on 07/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son's birthday is in September and the age deadline is in October so he will be starting at as a young kindergardener. He hasn't ever been to daycare and doesn't go around other kids that much so I don't know how he'll do. Should I wait til he is older to put him in school or should I just put him in and hope he does ok? I'm scared that I might make a mistake... HELP!


Carlie - posted on 07/04/2009




I honestly think that if your not sure, then you should hold him back. My four year old is fairly confident and i am holding him back. You only get these years with them once round and they have the rest of their lives for institutions such as school, college, work etc... why the rush?

Jocelyn - posted on 07/03/2009




i am going to put my son in a year later (he's a January baby). we are going to start with preschool next year tho (he is 2.5 right now). i figure i don't want him to be younger in kindergarten (and elementary) because boys mature slower than girls. so i am going to recommend that you wait a year. or you can always enroll him and if he's having a hard time, pull him out, send him to preschool and try again next year. no harm done. :)

Hayley - posted on 07/03/2009




tell him about skool and explain he will be playing withlots of boys and girls..the skool let u stay on the first day but they ask u to step back so they can get on with playing.. they do say if the child is fine then u shud let the child be.. i am sending my daughter straight to skool and she has never been it will be alright

Deborah - posted on 07/03/2009




once he is around the other kids he should do fine..before he begins, start talking to him about school and how is going to learn and play with others kids, etc and make it sound exciting. my son is 3 and whenever i bring him somewhere new thats what i do and it works for us...good luck!!!


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