Should l replace ~19 month old baby milk bottles?

Konie - posted on 03/13/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




the baby milk bottles are cleaned daily and then steamed daily with a baby milk bottle steamer. Frequently , the 2month old baby temporarily physically objects to drinking formula milk from the ~19 month old baby milk bottle. (his older sisters)
We thought it was the formula, but tried a new bottle of another brand, and the 2month old baby enjoys drinking from it.
The 19month old child is ok with the old bottles. so are the old bottles due to be replaced? What should l do?
thanks in advance for relevant information


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/07/2011




It's so cheap to buy a new set of bottles..spring for some new ones and at 19 months your older child can start using sippys and cups.

I imagine the 19 month old has a faster flow bottle. This flow probably doesn't suit the 2 month old.

Sarah - posted on 03/14/2011




I would have the 19 month old be going on a sippy cup. The 19 month old is old enough to be off the bottle.

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The bottles my 2 year old used are still in good condition for my 6 month old to use but I'm thinking of getting new ones just to update them. Your 2 month old might not like the old bottles, like you said you got a new bottle of a different brand. My 2 year old didn't like certain bottles untill we found the ones we use now. Are the nipples of the bottle different shapes? The ones we first used had a longer nipple and the ones we use now are smaller and shaped different.

Louise - posted on 03/14/2011




As your 19 month old will be coming off the bottle completely then tailor to your younger childs needs. Your 19 month old will be on cups full time so the needs of the 2 month old should come first.

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