Shoule you potty train a boy to pee standing up or sittin g down?


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Nancy - posted on 12/13/2008




my son started by sitting but when he got the hang of using the potty he wants to stand up.

Jenna - posted on 12/13/2008




my son started sittin down but then lost intrest in usin the potty all together so i got him to do it standin up so it was like a game for him havin to aim in the toilet and in no time he was usin it all the time

[deleted account]

start with sitting down, everyone sits on the potty, so the two of you can sit together and be comfortable when daddy isn't around!

Connie - posted on 12/12/2008




My oldest son sits down to use the bathroom and our middle son does both so I think it is up to you and your child in what you think should be done, although our middle son does a lot of looking around while he goes and gets on the floor but other wise I do what ever they feel is right.

[deleted account]

In my home even daddy pees sitting down, so we will train our son to sit as well. It is SO unsanitary for men to stand and pee. Get a black light and check out your bathroom, even after you have cleaned. You will be shocked at the places the pee manages to splatter. Only in public will my son be allowed to pee standing up, since all the other guys do, including daddy. At home, we try to be as clean as possible so that means peeing sitting down and closing the lid prior to flushing to minimize all splatter!

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