Skye biting children at school

Carren - posted on 02/26/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Skye (my 22 month old) is BITING children at school... WHAT DO I DO? People at church tell me to bite her back. The problem: She does not bite me. Is biting her the right solution? What should I do?


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Marnie - posted on 02/28/2009




Biting. Now that can be an embarrassing situation for a parent. You are at a play date and Carl takes a hunk out of Mark or at least leaves his imprint. Yikes what do you do then? First apologize to the Mom and child and then take your situation into hand. Remove your child to a place where you can mean business.

It’s interesting how some children bite and some don’t. I’m not sure why.

One thing I do know is…..if your child bites ANYONE make sure that it is the last time he does it!

We were sitting for a little 3 year old and her brother a number of years back. I had a 5-6 year old at the time. The little girl decided to leave her teeth prints on my daughters arm…which REALLY HURT! Not only did it hurt physically but emotionally as well!

I remember it well…Kendall came running, crying very hard. She told me what happened. I WISKED the little one up and sat her eye to eye on the counter in front of me and with a LOUD, STERN voice said, “don’t you ever, ever, ever, bite! We do not bite here. Look at this boo- boo that you made.”. I continued on this line, nose to nose with this little one and believe me she was getting the message. After a bit ( no pun) I questioned her about what I was saying. I made her repeat after me. I stayed on this for a minute or two and then I sat her in a chair for a short while.

She never bit again (at least in my house). She got the message.

Sometimes I feel that the quick movement and loud wording is all it takes. I was not screaming. I was in full control. I did not bite her back. I made her apologize for what she had done and kept a close eye on her for the next few weeks.

Sometimes we just need to “spring into action” It seems to create an atmosphere of tension that helps the offender know that you are serious and he/she is not sure what is going to happen next.

I have known people that had to have a pet put down because of uncontrolled biting … enough said!



PS:You can also insert the following words where Biting…is used




Name calling


I think that you are getting the idea!

Ellen Renee - posted on 02/28/2009




All three of my children have been through this stage. My husband bite my oldest back even though she did not bite him in the first place, and she stopped. My second child also got biten, she stopped. My boy bite everyone and we all bite him back he just got mad and bite us again. He got to the point of drawing blood. It sounds horrible but we ended up smacking his mouth. He finally stopped after the tenth time he got his mouth smacked. We didn't do it real hard, it was just a love tap. It mainly hurt his feelings. We told him it hurt our feelings when he bite us.

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