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I have a question, but it is NOT regarding normal age when babies start sleeping through the night. I am asking those of you who had extremely difficult babies. My child is 14 months, never slept through the night, ever! She goes to bed at 8 to 8:30 pm, and wakes up at 7:30 am. During the night, she wakes up every 2 - 2.5 hours, for a total of 4-5 timea a night. She will not put herself back to sleep. We did not and will not try the cry it out method, so my question is not asking for "Advice", but for "experiences"--Basically, I am wondering of those bad sleepers, what is the age your poor sleeper started to sleep better? age 2, age 3, age 5? Could a child be age 3 and still be as bad a sleeper as I am describing? When did your child's sleep improve? Thank you for sharing.


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My son was an awful sleeper, he never slep through we tried all soets, putting him in a big bed when he was old enough, playing music in his room, sleeping in his room with him but he wanted milk and cuddles. I was up numerous times in the night and it was exhausting. When he was 2 I had enough so tried something different, I put him to bed at 7 and sat next to his bed until he went to sleep, (Not talking or engaging with him, this could take 2/3 hours!) then when he got used to this and was going to sleep fairly quick i sat the otherside of the room, then moved to the door, then I would put him to bed and tell him I was going to have a bath so he could hear me still upstairs. By this point he was usually asleep by the time I got out the bath.

During all of this the waking during the night lessened and lesseded i think because he was happy going to beed he had to reason to wake. By 2 and a half he was sleeping through and is now 3 and 3 months and bed time is a dream, his sister however...............I think we will be going down the same route!!

I hope you get your night times back soon, its so hard but it will pass in time :)

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