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Azaansmommy - posted on 11/23/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




why cant dad ever make teh 3year old go to sleep. ...45 minutes... i.m busy in the kitchen..all the while... dad make him lay down for sleep..., make him go to sleep dad make him go to sleep. he says i.m trying but every 5 minutes. dad is yeling stop that boy owwe ..dude.... your gonna fall....i run in the room fussing at them both and the 3 year old hurries to lay down knowing he is in trouble and then will lay there and look innocent like he has done nothing wrong....i wanted to watch a movie. fig if i finish up in the kitch. hubby will put the 3 year old to sleep and @ 9pm i can have some me time and watch my movie from netflix.... nope here it is 10.30p i.m done in the kitchen. i go to check on the 3 year old... he;s up doing flips in the bed dad is cheering him on... you have got to be kidding me.. so i fuss at the 3 year old... hubby needs a belt on his backside 4 this one.... so i take the 3 year old to his room... lay down with him... he.s sleep in 5 minutes....but now i.m stuck ... tired.took me longer in the kitchen than planned.....i.m sleep now. and here i am waking up @ 250am....i dare not turn on my movie with the surrond sound @ 2.50am.....Omg... guess the 3 year old thinks i.m the warden as hubby calls it. and with daddy its play play play play... now when its time to get up @ 5.30am... the 3year old is gonna be crying.. and dad wont hear S*** he;ll be sound asleep......what would they do without i alone with this madness....does anyone out there share my grief???


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We have two little girls and since daddy is all about PLAY time and not serious get down to business things I always put the kids to bed. There have been times when Dad has even messed up bedtime when I'm putting them down because he wants to be playful. However, he and I have spoken about his needing to stick to his guns and get stuff done if I can't and he now understands that he has to let his playful side go on the back burner when the kids are being too difficult about bedtime or something else. Sometimes he'll ask me what he should do and I remind him to just do what needs to be done. He knows that putting them to bed should take no longer than 30 minutes for both kids getting dressed, stories read and kisses given. Sit down with your man and don't yell at him but tell him that you need him to be strong when it comes to things like bedtime. Tell him a reasonable amount of time to put your son to bed and let him know that if your son just won't behave he needs to close the door and let him fall asleep. After a few tries your boy will figure out that even if it is daddy putting him to bed he still needs to go to sleep. Don't worry if his dad has a different way of putting him to bed, my husband certainly does! Still our girls understand what's going on because they've dealt with it a few times.

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