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my son is nearly 16 months old. but still wakes up about 4 times a night is this normal? he always woke up but just rolled over had a grizzle and gone back to sleep but now he really screams until i go to him. he is teething a bit but no teeth cutting at the moment. any ideas what i can try to improve sleeping???


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my son is 3 years old gonna turn 4 in october and he has never slept through the night he still wakes up every 3-4 hours for a cup of chocalate milk im not sure how to get him out of it so sorry i can't help u but i just wanted to let u know that ur not alone..ppl tell me to let him cry it out and not get it for him but i have tried that and he will not stop crying..

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I would say that at 16 months, he ought to be able to sleep without waking at night. My nephew had a hard time sleeping all of the way through the night and my sister-in-law eventually figured out that he needed to be more active during the day. They had to exhaust him and he'd finally sleep well at night. Also, if he's eating at night, try giving him a little water so he can learn to not get calories at night. Also, I know it sounds crazy, but he might be staying up too late. Try putting him to bed a little sooner and he might sleep better. If it's teething, some ibuprofen might help. It sounds like both of you probably could use a good night's sleep. I wish you lots of luck getting it worked out.

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