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Hi my name is Amie and I have 3 boys ages 8, 6, and 2. My two yr old as a baby would tell us it was night time and go to bed with his blanket. Now that he is two he refuses to go to bed. I fight with him every night for what seems like hours. If any one has any ideas how to get him to go to bed i would gladly take any suggestions. A little more background to consider he shares a room with his older brothers, one is scared of the dark and has to have a light of some kind on. Help I need to get more sleep than i have been getting.


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I like Bernadette's idea, that's pretty creative.

My son is two also and has been having some issues about going to bed recently as well. When I was at the beach this summer I found this awesome board, its a Magnetic responsiblity chart, supposidly for ages 3 and up but my son comprehend's it great.

It has all kinds of responsibilties and goals (about 20-30) all together - you could probably use something like this for all your boys since you have 3! Melissa and Doug make it, not sure if you've seen their toys or puzzels but they are really cool and all hand made and painted...they are pretty popular also.

Getting ready for bed, and taking a bath are some of the goals/responsiblities - my son has both of those....there are spots for everyday of the week and has they accomplish the goal, they get a smiley face! It's amazing what a 2 year old will do to get a smiley face AND how upsetting it is for them to NOT recieve a smiley face!

You can make certain rules for them if they complete some many goals in a day they get a treat (like a popcicle or something) or to make it bigger or better, say if they complete ALL their tasks for a whole WEEK, they get a toy or wonders for my son.

I was having major issues with him brushing his teeth and there is a block for that specific thing...I don't have issues with him brushing his teeth anymore now. The great thing is you can change the responsibilty week to week or day by day and customize it for your older boys also - like cleaning your room or doing chores, taking out the trash, etc...

If your interested and have trouble finding it, let me know and I'll help you find one or heck I'll even get it and ship it to you if you need me too!! It's awesome!

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Hi there. I offered this advice to another mom on this site with a similar problem. I had my two year help decorate a shoe box. I told him that I was going to put in lots of great prizes in it and if he went to bed ALL BY HIMSELF he could then pick out a prize the following morning. Now the thing is you can't go super cheap with the prizes because even though they are young they do want the "good stuff." So I wrapped up dump trucks, thomas the tank engine, wonder pets dvd, special candy, even a squirt gun. In any case it worked like a charm!!! Keep the box in his room but up where he cannot reach it. On one occasion I even hung a wrapped present from a ceiling hook in his bedroom. He went crazy with excitement and made sure he went to sleep so that he could then get picked up to grab his present off of the ceiling hook. The point is to keep it FUN. The funny thing is after a weeks time my son began to forget about the prizes and just accepted sleeping by himself. If he should regress a month, etc. later then bring out the prize box again. He will be quick to shape up! Hope that helps!

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