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My son is 17 months old and was sleeping in his crib thru the night until last April when I had surgery and my husband refused to put him in the crib so he ended up in our bed. The first problem is that one had to lay down with him for him to fall asleep. I began to transition him from the bed to the play pen in my room which was okay and when he was okay with that I began to put him in his crib awake with his soothing music and sounds to fall asleep on his own. He vomitted the first few days and screamed a lot but now 7 weeks later he manages to fall asleep on his own. The problem is that he wakes up every hour on the hour crying and by 1 am I put him in his play pen in my room and he sleeps there until 3 or 4 am when he then ends up in my bed. When he was sleeping in our bed he slept soundly w/out waking once! How can I get him to sleep in his crib thru the night with little to no waking? I even cut out his afternoon nap in the hopes that this would tire him out but it only helped in getting him to sleep in 10 min as opposed to 1 hr.


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Thanks for the responses! I just ordered the book by Pinky McKay and hope this works. My son is very stubborn and crying it out does not work...he works himself into vomitting over and over again...going in and laying him down and leaving doesn't work, he ends up standing and screaming more times than I can lay him down. The past 2 nights have been even more challenging...simply stated he wants to end up in my bed and I am not giving in so at this point no one is sleeping...not him, not me! I really appreciate all the input and hope to continue to receive them! Thanks ladies.

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I wouldn't call the control crying working if he's now waking every hour. If when you where putting him down more gently he slept through maybe you should try moving him to the cot after or putting him down in a bed in his own room, spending 10mins putting him to sleep at night might save you alot of sleepless nights. I use Elizabeth Pantley's no cry sleep solution, bed times are lovely and no fuss. Yes I have to lay beside him while he goes to sleep but at the most and I mean a really bad night it takes 30 mins but usually from the time I turn out the light to when I leave the room it takes 10 mins. With no crying and no vomiting.

Here are a few sites that might help:

There are alot of different ways to put bubby down you have to find what works best for you and your family.

Good luck I hope you find something that works for you.

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we had this problem with my now 4 yr old. she was the first so we let her sleep with us in the bed. when she was about 8 months old we moved her in her own room and in her own crib. she cried for a while when she was just put in there but she did sleep in the bed. she would wake up in the middle of the night and my husband would go over get her and put her back in the bed. she too would wake up every hour on the hour and cry. best thing i did was put her down in her own bed. she would cry, every 5 mins or so i would go in say nothing and put lay her down give her blankey and walk away. it took most of the night but the next night it got better and soon she was sleeping through the night in her own room. you can try this. put her down, let her cry for 5 mins or so walk in put her down don't say anything to her , walk out, it may take a little time but i had huge sucess.

hope this helps.

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I'm not sure if you've taken a look at the following book:

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
by Dr. Marc Weissbluth

My sister has used this book for both of her girls (Hayley 2 yrs, 10 months and Sammy almost 9 months) and has had great success. Even during the difficult time of transition to a big girl bed for Hayley this past year.

I also use this book...and realied on it very heavily during our son's colic until 4 months. There are 2 methods that Dr. Weissbluth recommends, you decide what you think is the best for you. The first and quickly method is called "extinction" is faster, but it is really hard to do (and follow through when your baby is crying hard). We chose this method and quick and favourable results followed. The second method is called "fading" and takes longer but it doesn't seem as harsh. The "extinction" is NOT for the faint at heart, but speaking from experience and when my husband and I were at our whits end during and after our son's colic, this method was a miracle for all of us, especially for our little boy.

I'm not sure what other responses or advice you'll get from other Mom's, but if you're at a bookstore, browse through and see what you think. You have already started some of the fading method when you mentioned what you have been doing to try to get your son to sleep on his own.

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