Sleeping Problems - waking at night and batteling to get him back to his own bed

Julie - posted on 05/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My nealry 3 year old boy has started to play up at bedtime, then wakes up most nights at least once and wants to sleep in our bed. I am currently due with our second child and don't want to start letting my toddler get into a bad bed habbit by letting him sleep with us. The only way we can get him back into his own bed without a fuss is if we lie with him until he goes to sleep. Otherwise he cries and cries for hours. He has dropped his day sleep so we thought he would sleep well at night. He has been a perfect sleeper until 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Meagan - posted on 05/22/2011




My daughter has a comfort object, her blankie, that she sleeps with, but she also has taken up a habit of sleeping with a fiber optic light. yes, true story. She will not go to bed without it, and after she falls asleep, holding it, I put it up for the night, but leave it on. It's been working for her to keep her in bed. She also cannot sleep to silence, so I have a classical music CD playing throughout the night. My point in that story is maybe try calming music or something for him to sleep with. Maybe it's a light up toy (like a glow bug or they have turtles that project stars on the roof. My daughter loved hers but I dont know where it is anymore. lol).

Louise - posted on 05/21/2011




This is about attention seeking and control. He has picked up that this new baby is due shortly and is feeling pushed out. Make a point of telling him what a big boy he is and that you love him. Explain to him that mummy needs her sleep now and she needs him to sleep like a big boy in his bed. Get down to his eye level and tell him that he will not be sleeping in your bed and that you are not going to sleep in his. Let him take his favourite teddy to bed and when he wakes put him back to bed and give him the teddy. Unfortunately he is going to moan and moan the first night so get your husband to help you. Always return him to his bed and do not stay. Be prepared to be pushed to the limits because he wants the control over you and will not give in without a fight. This is the battle of wills. Do not give an inch always stay in control and return him to his bed no verbal communication is required. Within two nights he should of got the message that mum means business and he will start to sleep all through the night again. When he does go overboard on the praise.

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