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Hello everybody! This is my first post on here :)

I have a daughter who is just a little older than 3 years now. She falls asleep in her own bed, but can't seem to sleep through the night in it! She ends up in our bed probably about 5 days out of the week. She wakes up in the middle of the night crying and sometimes I am just too tired to try to wait it out for her to fall back asleep, so I take her to my bed.

I've tried many things such as - making sure she eats a snack before bedtime, dressing her in warmer/lighter pajamas as well as having the fan on/off, a spinning princess nightlight that is on every night, a doll or stuffed animal to sleep with, extra pillows - including my own so she can smell me through the night....ETC.

If you have ANY suggestions at all that could help me or I can try I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much in advance :)


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Just a question, what time does your little one go to bed? For the longest time we were worried about ours not 'sleeping through' but then realised he goes down quickly at about 6-6.30pm for his night sleep, so him waking up at 4.30am-5am is not actually unreasonable.

however what did work for me when he used to wake up at about 1.30am was that i for the first few times either my husband or i (we alternate nights/morning wakeups) would go in, check if he was wet, give him a drink of the water and then try and put him back in his bed. We tried not to talk to him too much. If he was physicallly reluctant to going back to his bed, we just held him in our arms in the nursing chair in his room for about 10 minutes...and when he was calm again moved him to the bed and stay there for a little and then went out of his room. HOWEVER instead of going back to our bed those first few times, I would sit in the lounge room for a few minutes. it was easier to go back and try again if I wasn't alraeyd in bed. This happened probaby for 3-4 nights and then it tapered off. It does happen on teh rare occasion now, but settling him back down is easier.

p.s ours is 2

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