So that's where those MIL jokes come from....

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Ok, so here it goes. My mother-in-law is crazy. Literally. In the 4 years that my husband and I have been together she has been in and out of a mental institution several times. On top of this, she is also a drug, alcohol and gambling problem and has also been in and out of those rehabs several times. In January she was arrested for drugs. This was just to show you a little bit of her character. She is always asking my husband and I for money, which we don't have to give out, and bombarding my husband outside his job, asking if she can get a few bucks. Over Memorial Day weekend, she asked us to drive her to her sisters house for a picnic, which is 2 and a half hours away, and my husband asked her for $10 in gas money (tolls alone were 13.70 and gas was 4/13 a gallon) and they had a HUGE fight about it because she said that her mothers day gift wasn't good enough so she shouldn't have to give any money. Now during this fight, she told my husband he was a worthless and his dead father never wanted him, as well as some other equally cruel things about me fooling around on him and whatnot (which NEVER happened we have an awesome marriage). So, my husband has not spoken with her since, and I'm not sure if he's going to, but I don't think that I'm comfortable with her being in my daughters life. I can't even let her alone in the room with her, and now I'm super scared that if my daughter does something to make her angry that she will say something equally hurtful and unacceptable to her. I would like to just cut her out of ours lives all together, but is that depriving my daughter of her grandparent, even though she's ridiculously unstable and flies off the handle this way? I'm not sure if I should ever let her see her again. Just wondering what your thoughts were!


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The only thing you'd be doing by cutting her out of your life is by depriving your daughter of a shitty grand parent. Do you really need your daughter to go through all of this? I think you know the answer :) she sounds dangerous on top of being disrespectful. You'd be forcing your daughter into the life of a woman who obviously doesn't care anyway. Just make sure your husband is okay with this and if you ever do what to see her, meet someone local, a park, a restaurant, and take it in VERY small steps and distanced. That way even if she does something / says something, it's 1 lunch/dinner every few months, not her asking you for money every weekend and harassing you guys. Good luck. Those who cannot help themselves we can do nothing for. Please don't stress about these people, even if they are 'family'. They cannot respect you, why should you respect them?

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