Sometimes it takes my daughter 2 hours to go to sleep, what can i do to change that?


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I had to try a few different tactics with my son, i tried the controlled crying tactic, put them to bed, and let them cry for a few moments, go in, lay them down, say goodnight, walk out for 5 mins, go back in lay them back down with out sayin anyhting, walk out for 6 mins, and keep that going till they realise your not getting them out, and put themselves to sleep. I also tried relaxation music and a salt lamp, worked well, but then they get used to sleeping with it all on. Read a book before bed, in a calm, soft voice. Give her a soft toy to take to bed. It's all a matter of trial and error, be perssistant, but patient. Just make sure they know the routine of getting ready for bed, like bath-bottle-bed? I hope some of these suggestions help! Good luck!

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I had this problem when my daughter was 6 month,. I simply played games with her an hour before she was due to go to bed. Doing this wore her out and she would go straight to sleep when put to bed. Hope this helps hun good louck.

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change her routine; let her know whats what when its time for her to go to sleep...or simply turn off everything minus a night light :-\

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