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Ok, I was at the doctors the other day due to an ear infection, anyways the Doctor heard my son talk (he's 2 1/2) and she was like "dont you think we need to get him into speech?" i thought WHAT?! So i said "you think he needs speech?!" Her eyes then got all big and she said "uh, yeah by now he should be speaking clearly and saying 5 or 6 word sentences." i just agreed with her. When i put my son in the car i just started crying, thinking about how rudley she put it, She was in the room a total of MAYBE 10 min. ALL she heard my son say was Back Pack and he says Paka, he DOES say 5 or 6 word sentences and he may not speak 100% clear, but i can understand him and thats all that matters!! Sorry, i just really needed to vent. This has been bugging me since it happened.


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I have trained in speech therapy for the under 5's and at 2 1/2 your sons speech should be improving on a day to day basis learning new words every day. The words he does say should be clear and easy to understand for an outsider.

I don't think you have to much to worry about as you say he is talking but having him assessed is easy and not stressful and to be honest some of the games and silly songs we use to help with pronounciation are fun. You have nothing to loose by taking him to be seen and everything to gain. Bite the bullet and go just to prove the doctor wrong!


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dont feel bad my son is also 2 and a half and speaks the same way, some things he just doesnt feel the need to say a whole sentence when one word will explain what he wants. everyone wants to put an opinon on development of children, he will talk fully when he is ready

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And if he does have a speech problem then he will speak perfectly by the time he starts school. Think about it positively with that.

Catrina - posted on 02/28/2011




I just had to do the same because I never noticed my son have any problems but his dad who he goes to every other weekend did. Obviously it is because he is with me and his step dad more so we just did not hear the problem. I was so mad and sad too. It will get better.

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I hear you on that. My son is almost 11 now, and at 2 1/2, he mumbled. I was told to enroll him into the Early Childhood testing during the summer when he's 3, just to see if he needs speech therapy. Thing is, he could spit out the word "spaghetti" and other difficult words clear as a bell. The speech teacher got him to be able to speak up, so it ended up well. Thing is, there were other issues also, and he got the help needed.

I know it's hard to be Mom and have someone say something like that. I was so mad I had to spit when the day care teachers were saying stuff like that. While you're supposed to understand your baby because you're mom, their concern is that he can't be understood by others if he were to go to the playground or what have you. For his own benefit, so he can clearly ask for help if he ever gets parted from you, check into your local school district if they have something available for you.

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My son is a lot younger-17 months, and when he went in for his 15 month appointment the doc went through her standard list of questions, and when she got to the speech one my husband and I had to be honest and say that he doesn't really say any words, which is totally true! She told us not to worry, but she did suggest that we call and get him some speech therapy. I am looking forward to it.
Maybe what bothered you wasn't what you were being told but the way in which it was stated. It's never nice to hear someone react in such a frightful way to our children! Had anything about your son's speech come up at other doctor's appointments? If this is your son's primary, maybe you should get a new doctor. It seems like she should have noticed speech issues before 30 months.

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my daughter is 3 and just started speech not long ago. She is also hard to understand, you cant be around your kid being an interpreter for everyone. We tell her its school and she really enjoys it and the 1 on 1 interaction. Either way, its a small 'break' from life at home and well worth it !

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I dont think you need to panic but theres nothin wrong with takin him to speech theropy. I had speech theropy all threwout elementary school because i couldnt say my R's & S's i wish my parents would have put me in speech before i was old enough to go to school it would have made it easier

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You're feelings may be hurt right now but if your son does need speech therapy its best to deal with the situation before he starts school. As much as it may hurt Krista is totally right.

My hubby's younger brother is 6 and he should have been put in speech therapy years ago (in my opinion) its very hard to understand him because he can't pronounce things properly. He had multipy ear infections when he was really young and the doctors now think that's why he has such a hard time talking. I feel sorry for him because its so hard to understand him and he's in school. Its always best to deal with a problem as soon as possible.

Its always hard to accept that there might be something wrong with our kids but getting them help is our job as parents. Hope that helps.


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"he may not speak 100% clear, but i can understand him and thats all that matters!!"

I'm sorry, but that's NOT all that matters. Unless you plan on keeping him home with you for the rest of his natural life, he will need to be understood by other people.

The doctor was probably too brusque about it, but many doctors are -- they're concerned about your health, not your feelings.

Why not make an appointment for him with a speech therapist, just to have him evaluated? If your doctor was way off-base and your son's speech is fine, then at least you'll know, and it won't be bugging you anymore. And if your doctor was right and your son DOES need speech therapy, then at least the problem is now being addressed.

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