Angel - posted on 12/07/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




Anyone know how to get a two year old to stop spitting milk and juice out of her sippy cup?? Now my 3 year old sees her do it and she starts also. I've tried to take their cups away, but then as son as you give it back they'll do it again. Help!!


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Suzannah - posted on 12/24/2008




My son did this alot for awhile and then just sort of forgot about it, except for occasional reoccurences. I originally tried taking it away for 5 minutes, but then he just did it again as soon as he got it back. When he does it now I take the cup away until the next snack or meal. My guy was making pictures in the milk with his finger, so I try giving him crayons or something else to use as his artistic medium. Sorry - it's a pain cleaning that up all the time! Good luck.

Amanda - posted on 12/22/2008




My daughter went through this a while back. We just kept taking the cup away from her when she would do it. We also only let her drink if she was at the table -- mostly to make clean up easier on us. No walking around with her sippy cup -- tired of cleaning up milk from the carpet. She just eventually stopped doing it. My problem still is her fascination with putting her hand and food and napkin into her cup at the table. Ick.

Rebecca - posted on 12/08/2008




keep letting them know that spitting is unacceptable. tell her no and take the cup away. you will probably have to do this all day for a few days but they will get the picture. be consistent and firm. good luck!

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