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Shannon - posted on 04/10/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is turning 3 in September and will not make the cutoff for kindergarten at age 5. He is very smart (knows 123s to 17, ABC's, writes his name, etc.) but I am debating about sending him to school this fall and him having 3 years of preschool or waiting until next year. I would like to know other mommies thoughts. Also if anyone knows of any studies on if the extra year of preschool benefits I would appreciate any links as well.


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Just a note - a GOOD preschool shouldn't be 3 years of the same thing. There are many different preschool philosphies, Montesorrie, playbased, waldorf, and so on. The best thing you can do is tour the preschool and find hte one that matches your parenting philosphy the closest. A VERY good question to ask the preschool is, "How do they keep the curriculum challenging for students all three years" or "what is the over arching educational goals of children for each year of preschool."

Quite often the first year of preschool is mostly about separation from teh parents, taking instructions from other adults, and playing - aka school is fun.

There are plenty of studies showing that preschool is beneficial - here are a few links:

at the end of the day, you will be supplementing (or should be supplementing ) whatever is going on in school for the rest of your son's educational career. That is just good parenting. :)


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My son wil be 2 in July, i want him to start preschool in September, he has a very good nanny. I'm torn between taking him to school and keeping him at home at least until next year.

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My personal opinion is that if a child can do something, encourage them! If they're ready to write, let them write! Give them opportunities to take what they already know and enjoy and expand it! I'm not a mom who feels like my child needs to know 4 languages and all of her division facts before kindergarten... but her preschool teachers this year did not challenge her at ALL. I am a preschool teacher and am actually opening an in-home preschool this year, so I'm looking forward to her being home with me and reaching more of her potential. :)

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I'm just letting you know I wish I would have waited. 3 years of the same thing? If he's very bright, he will get bored and likely not be interested in school so much. Mine will have to just repeat preschool because she JUST misses the date here by law and cannot attend kindergarten. I am lucky that she went private school and now will go public school - small sleepy little town, so it's a GOOD thing imo- so she won't be bored. Not sure what's right for you, but I wish I'd have waited with mine.

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the extra year of preschool will benefit him - if you are doing the preschool curriculum at home, which it sounds like you are, then I would reccomend some playgroups to socialize your son.

Shannon - posted on 04/10/2011




I live in Merrill WI. I don't need to worry about Daycare as my parents are wonderful and watch him. We work with him daily to get him 'ready' for school but it seems that he is almost beyond what our schools teach to preschool. I did find the curriculum for our local public schools. However, I would like for him to attend a private (preferably Lutheran) school.

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Both of my children attended a Montessori School at the age of 3. My oldest is now 6 and my youngest will be 4. I saw a big difference in the way they spoke, interacted with others, and I noticed they were more advanced then other children around them. I think it is a good idea, especially if you are thinking about daycare then I would just send him to school. I also think it depends what type of school you want him to attend. Check out Montessori Schools in your area. Where are you from?

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