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Alex - posted on 02/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is 1 yrs old and is starting to walk but he walk on his tip toes, is it that common ? or not


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Tia - posted on 02/19/2009




its normal, he's learning to experiment with his feet. make sure he is walking normal though on the flats of his feet. if he continues on, ask your peditrician about it- just to be on the safe side.

Jennifer - posted on 02/18/2009




My son did the same.  I think for my son it just felt right for him.  Do you put shoes on him?  I started putting shoes on my son all day long, as we usually don't wear them in the house, which is where they really start walking on their own.  This seemed to help.  Get a good pair of walking shoes with higher ankles.  Hope this helps!  I have a 1 year old girl (my 3rd) that isn't wanting to walk yet.  She has taken a few steps but just isn't interested.  I guess she'll get to it in her own time.  She tends to walk behind a small baby stroller that she got for her birthday.  She practically runs behind it.  She is walking with both feet turned out, but her pediatrician said not to worry.  He also recommended some high ankle shoes.

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