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Clarissa - posted on 04/27/2010




We just stopped and I started with distracting her around the time of a feeding and when I got down to 3 feedings we went cold turkey and daddy took her for a day and she was totally fine- haven't breast feed since-- Don't give in or else they know you will every time. Get outside and go for walks or go to the zoo something that would interest them and distract them from the feeding. Replace with a sippy cup of milk and only offer milk no juice or water until they are drinking enough milk- Our doctor suggested adding some carnations breakfast drink in the milk to give it more of the sweet flavor like breast milk and hs vitamins and not just sugar and we did that for about a week if that. I would suggest not going to bottle because that will just be another thing that you have to ween them off later. Good Luck!!!

Dawna - posted on 04/26/2010




i nursed my daughter until she was 2years 3 months. i did it gradually over about 3 months by removing one feeding every few days or weeks. i started with the feedings that were during the busy parts of the day, and narrowed it down to just the more needy ones: bedtime, naptime, morning. then i slowly removed the others.

i let her have a sippy cup (with a soft spout) of water at nap and bedtime, so she could still drink, but not have milk. there were a few tantrums, but as long as i was firm and held my ground, she figured out that we were done with those feedings. also, the last feeding was removed while we were visiting family the week of thanksgiving, so she was busy and exhausted, so she didn't notice the weaning had ended as much.

Sarah - posted on 04/26/2010




My son will be 11 months old on the 8th of may i plan to have him off the boob my 12 months i have already started to wean him off they say every feed u drop u replace it with a meal/snack or a drink from a cup, I am down to 5 feeds a day a morning feed, arvo feed,after tea feed, bed feed, night feed (he still feeds during the night), he feeds roughly every 4 or more hours. some days he feeds less then others. All i do these days is offer food and a drink of either milk or water from a sippy cup then i try to distract him and hold him out as long as i can before i give boob. Eventually they will wont food rather then boob. Well thats what they tell me lol.

[deleted account]

I did it as gradually as I could, but we got to a certain point and he wouldn't let me breast feed any less with the gradual method. So I told him no more, it was for babies and he was a big boy. He was 22 months old. I would refuse when he asked for the boob and tell him no you can have milk in a cup or something to eat. And at night I told him he had to stay in bed until the sun came up. It took a week for him to completely stop asking for it, he doesn't miss it one bit, and towards that first week he was perfectly happy to get a cup of milk when I refused to breast feed. I did feed him for a short time on the first two nights to relieve my pain, but I took him off as soon as I could and put him back to bed. He did really well and never even cried that much, only for about a minute the first time I told him no, after that he just accepted what I told him.

Clare - posted on 04/24/2010




My son is Logan 1 on the 13th May and my daughter Rhiannon is 3 on the 25th July and she is still feeding as well. I want to wean both of them as Logan has 10 teeth and Rhiannon has 20 and it's extremely painful when they bite. I was told to carry on feeding Rhiannon to 2 but wish I hadn't as she now says boob and pulls my top up which is embarrassing in public and the attitude to feeding toddlers is very negative in the UK which is rediculous. Both kids will drink from beakers so they might not like switching but after nearly 3 years of continuous breast feeding I'm ready to stop!

Tara - posted on 04/22/2010




If you you have a persistent more high-need type child like a couple of mine were some extra support like you local chapter of La Leche League might help if you don't have family and friends with nursing and weaning experience. The World Health Organization recommends nursing until 2 and thereafter as a long as desired by both mother and baby. La Leche League offers great support for mothers who are ready to wean. There are also some great books that include signs for if your child is ready to wean like "How weaning happens". Good Luck!

Chidinma - posted on 04/18/2010




i just stopped my too. take him/her out to a relative for a week and i bet u when u go to pick him/her up he/she has forgotten it.

Keri - posted on 04/18/2010




I agree with Corey gradually is the way to go. Kids rely on routine, try slowing down to his most comforting time, maybe before nap or bedtime. Show him how a big boy breakfast can be a fun way to start the day. I personally never did bottles, if I could avoid it, try a straw top sippy cup or sport bottle design, they tend to like those instead of a bottle. Eventually he will stop & a new routine will fall in to place. Stick to your guns! He will follow your lead as long as you don't give up! And remember nothing is ever easy, it is VERY hard, just try not to break down in front of him....I cried & know some other women who did too, just do it in your room so he can't see.

Corey - posted on 04/17/2010




i would suggest gradually. at that age he should be able to start using a sippy or regular cup. start replacing a breast feeding with a drink of whole milk or a snack. start with once a day for a few days then start replacing two feeding and so forth.

i know toddlers can be demanding and it can be hard to hear crying or fits, and for awhile he may throw them, but if you are ready to stop, you should start the process. at this age it's up to you. some kids wean themselves and some, the mom chooses. if you are ready, it's time.

if you want to just get it done, it may be a little harder, but you can just stop. just try to stay calm when he gets upset and explain to him he's a big boy and gets a cup now. in a few days it will be over. good luck. i hoped i helped even just a little.

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