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my son is 4 yr old. Everytime we sit down to eat he thinks it a game. he will play with his food. not eat, look around and not stop talking. we remind him that it is not play time it is time to eat, we issue a warning that if he continues to play at the table he will be asked to leave the table and go to his room. still he thinks its a joke. so after the warning and being sent to his room and then being talked to after his "time out" he is allowed to once again join us at the table and finish his dinner... 2-3 bites in he is back at it. he is sent back to his room again, I cant starve him which is what would happen if I sent him to his room again and didnt allow him to finish his dinner. but something that should take half hour or so ends up about an hour and a half.. breakfast and lunch are the same way, even when he comes to us and tells us he is hungry, still acts the same way with food in front of him. then as soon

as we say fine get down (cuz we are sick of repeating ourselves) within the next 5 min he is asking for a snack and throwing a fit because we wont give him one. we tell him that if he is hungry enough for a snack he can get back up to the table and finish his dinner.

I am at my wits end here ladies... any advice?


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Does your son have favorite foods?

He is at an age where he can tell you what he wants or not, maybe ask him what he wants for dinner or other meals. Try implicating him in the prep of the food, show him it takes time and love to prepare the food. Maybe he will be more interested cause he's implicated. Keep his leftovers and when he ask for a snack just after a meal give him the same thing again. Eventually he will understand.

For the playing I noticed that if I give my daughter a lot of attention and interaction, instead of getting into a conversation with my husband, she does much better. She gets bored at the table if I don't include her enough.

I hope it helps and don't forget, it's always just a phase :)

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