Stopped Breastfeeding and feeling engorged

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I've stopped breastfeeding for many reasons, but mainly because my daughter acts like she doesn't want to do it anymore. I weaned her down to once a day, and now she doesn't even want that feeding. I am just wondering how all of this works. My breasts are full and lumpy and they hurt. What do you recommend I do to prevent infections and alleviate some of the pain. I really really really don't want to get mastitis, but I also don't want to pump and prolong the drying out process. A hot shower did nothing. I've also tried massage and a heating pad with some success, but I guess I'm just wanting to know also how long this process takes and what to expect with it. What has been your experience??


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I also wore a sports bra and used ice packs. I was told once to wrap myself with an ace bandage tightly and whatever you do don't do that cause it caused me to get engorged worse and I ended up with mastitis. Also whenever I showered I was told to try to keep my breasts out of the hot water because this causes your milk to come forward making it worse in the long run. Same with the heating pad. So my advice is stay away from heat. It is miserable and I feel your pain but hopefully it will only last about a week as it did for me. Good Luck and Take Care


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I wore a sports bra and i used ice packs to help with the pain i was getting from being engorged also my doctor told me to use cabbage on theytell you what you can do also here is a litte bit from the site

Other treatments for engorgement


Applying cabbage leaf compresses to the breast can be helpful for moderate to severe engorgement. There is little research on this treatment thus far, but there is some evidence that cabbage may work more quickly than ice packs or other treatments, and moms tend to prefer cabbage to ice packs.

What are cabbage compresses used for?


Extreme cases of oversupply, when the usual measures for decreasing supply (adjusting nursing pattern, nursing "uphill," etc.) are not working

During weaning, to reduce mom's discomfort and decrease milk supply.

Sprains or broken bones, to reduce swelling.

To use cabbage leaves:

Green cabbage leaves may be used chilled or at room temperature.

Wash cabbage leaves and apply to breasts between feedings.

For engorgement or oversupply: Limit use as cabbage can decrease milk supply. Leave on for 20 minutes, no more than 3 times per day; discontinue use after engorgement/oversupply subsides.

During the weaning process: Leave the leaves on the breast until they wilt, then apply new leaves as often as needed for comfort.

For further information on how to use cabbage leaves:

Cabbage? Why Use It and How Does It Work? Instructions for Use by Paula Yount

Treatments for Problems: Cabbage Leaves for Engorgement by Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC

Engorgement: The Cabbage Cure by Marie Davis RN, IBCLC

Cabbage Leaves for Prevention and Treatment of Breast Engorgement by Sandra Smith, MPH CHES

Cabbage leaves for engorgement? by Debbi Donovan, IBCLC

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