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My 2 uear old has had a stutter for about a week now. looked it up on the internet and got the imprssion that most 2-4 year olds go through it, and that he'lll out grow it. has anyone else experienced this?


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Jody - posted on 10/13/2009




thanks for your comments, feel a bit happier about things now. Was just quite strange, because he has been talkin well for months and then just started to stutter. Mainly on W, Y and I words

Hayley - posted on 10/12/2009




Yer i found that kid do strang thing when learning to talk they just trying to get the words out they no what they want to say but not how to say it i found all my kids have grown out of these thing tho my 6 year old still has trubble with some words tho this is more likely her over bit

Shirley - posted on 10/11/2009




My Husband had and sometimes still has a stutter. When he was young he went to a speech pathologist and according to him it didn't help. Turns out it was a neurological thing. He was a hyperactive child and his brain worked much quicker than his mouth or body. When he use to stutter badly he had to calm down breath in through his nose , out through his mouth and start again. Now when he is really tired or nervous he still stutters and I tell him to breath and start again slowly. If it is a real stutter then you will find that when you child starts to stammer then it will be on a certain letter or word, and you will see them trying to push past the letter or word and not be able to. I wouldn't do anything about it just yet, wait and see he may just grow out of it.

Suzanne - posted on 10/11/2009




My 3 y/o son is a late talker. I was never worried because my father also went through this. I noticed that when his emotions run high he can't always get out what he wants to say and he repeats phrases. I usually calm him down and then he can get out what he wants to say. If it is something that really worries you talk with your Pediatrician or your Pediatrician's nurse.

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